Da D960

What do u think? How should da Schubert b flat minor sonata of da Schubert be performed? I think da extremely sl*w recording of :rectum: iz da most furious one. What is da sdc take on that?

D960 sux.

play 894 or 958

…wut a n00b

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hahahhah and he/she/it also in da username put “4” and “a”…hmm… :whale:

da G-man appreciation ovah Schubert’s piano sonatas shud be all creditted to da Rectum.

Somehow I knew before dat da Schubert is not appreciated here :laughing:

Except maybe da Wanderer Fantasie…

Boyz, yo need to understand that furious and sl*w are sometimes not incompatible adjectives in music :wink:

Bb major, randomly.

it’s a boring, shitty piece.

Ah, that’s why it sounds so strange when I play it on my piano :astonished:

Listen to da :rectum: recording. If you are bored by that then every hope of detecting signs of musicality in your blood is in vein. Maybe you listened only to da fucking boring Brendel recording, then your position is understandable…


Absolutely WRONG.


wut iz 1337?

mah favorite peniz is Bolet, and D960 iz boring.

Tell me, do you lyk Xenakis? NO?!?!? oh you would LOVE him if you heard Takahashi on his Palimpsest! i just know you would, cause nobody wouldnt love that piece that i love with the pianist i love. And if you think that’s a bad recording, you just have bad taste in music.

Do you see how fuckin retarded your logic is?


Itz not logic - I just expressed my excitement over da :rectum: recording. You cannot logically conclude that a piece or a recording is good or bad.

slightly owned.

if you told me someone recorded the mephisto waltz in 90 minutes, i would logically conclude before listening that that recording sucks. and i’m not refering to your logic as to whether or not richter’s rec is good. i’m refering to your logic that if i dont like it then i have poor taste in music, or conversely if i havent heard it then i would love it just because you do, which is poor logic.


take it easy, man :wink:

Don’t take every word I write literally…