Da Dacic unleash da best rappah 9 evah?

Fuck! Da ending additions :pimp:

Diz a live fuckin perf!

Alzo, da accuracy (despite dose hand positions) is INZANE.

Diz mofo instantly in my top 10 fave living mofos

Haven’t watched this, but yeah - he’s very good, very interesting, and very crazy. Like you’d expect from a product of Kemal Gekic’s laboratory. :wink:

Oh man, check this out!!!


Da goth-pimp cummah!

A real concert pianist ! - Not a recording artists who does a MF drone into a concert hall here and there.

Also, from the looks of him, a solid source to buy MDMA in a disco …


The whole recital here:

Based on the hand positions, he’s probably incredible in da bedroom.

“Get down on da bottom bunk, I’ll bang you from da top bunk.” 8)

There’s something fascinating in his sound & freedom of phrasing. His pianism & posture remind me of da Volodya.
I kept listening to this until the end:

This pianist is not for me. :dong:

From what I’ve heard in the past I like his playing about as much as his teacher’s, which is not at all. But I’ll give this a listen anyway.

I don’t think he’s for me either; I quite liked the light-handed sections but I hated the sound in the forte parts.

I liked his Liszt disc, but he is a little like Erwin characterized Tyson - there are ideas in every bar, and few of them are in the direction you’d expect. He’s definitely not a pianist I’d expect reference performances from, but I can still appreciate his kind of playing for its inventiveness and ingenuity. And Yugoslavianess.

I’ve got mixed feelings about him.

THE HR9 was very good, I thought, but this Rienzi (48.36)

youtu.be/o7hLZvxlh-A I found pedestrian and sloppy, whilst this Doberman had great moments but also eccentric in places and a bit wayward.


Interesting pianist though.

He’s kind of a super duper salon style colorful mofo

Yes, I can completely understand the mixed feelings, here.
This Medtner I kind of liked, but much of his playing I don’t like because there is no clear sense of direction or structure at all…and in many of his Liszt performances there are lots of textual changes, and not for the better…
I don’t mind “idiosyncracies” (lots of them in the early 20th C generation of pianists) but there seems to be a younger generation of pianists (Egorov is another one) who go a bit or more than a bit too far for my taste.
BUt, agreed with TM, that’s still better than boring colourless typical average competition performances.


ahahahaha DIZ MOFO


or juz


ztylizdickly a bit wikid, alzo a lot of VIZUALLY INTEREZTIN mvmtz/fucked hand pozitionz etc, which automatically improve every perf 8)

Yes! Exactly! It’s as with Cziffra really - a standard conservatory professor would probably have bent this man straight and we’d have another factory produced musician of moderate interest, but thanks to that he’s likely been encouraged to pursue creativity and find his own way in music under Gekic we instead have someone we’re here talking about. Think what you will of the final result, but if he has ideas and feels things differently I’m glad he dares to express those. As I think I’ve written here already Dacic’s playing isn’t something I resonate with at any deeper level or necessarily even agree with, but I do find it stimulating and often plain fun to listen to. It’s the mad scientist approach to piano, and it’s not something you should allow yourself to be upset by.

da MINI CAMELDICK is now da official SDC nick. 8)

on a side note - a standard conservatory professor is likely either a complete fraud - or a money hungry asshole, pedophile, molester or just plain mediocre, competition-rigging piece of filth.

If they were captured by the fictional jigsaw killer and forced to sightread Liszt’s first consolation - they would fail and their precious bank accounts would be emptied - which for them, is a fate worse than any torture even someone as depraved as jigsaw can envision.

so who cares what the average conservatory professor thinks.

I know enough of these mofos who deserve to be fired (in my opinion, JAILED)… so yeah. Zero rezpek.

The major conservatories are in need of a reform. Maybe something as drastic as a great purge - where they are lined up in carnegie and forced to perform a piece of their choice on streaming vid, and then mobbed by the furious public. Or at least disliked on social media

rezpek da MINI cameldick!!!