Da deep archive finds - Getty Video

Here is some Eileen Joyce from 1955

Looks like some unreleased Terrence Judd vids too.

Some prevewable ogdong clips

This can’t be right. Oscar Peterson and Stephen hough jamming together in the 1970s?


Da Myra Hess Clip

There apparently a whole beet on 4 with her

A 1976 Lazar Berman Tchaik lives in a vault.

Eugene List play end of Rach 2 clip

Emil Gilels play the tchaik con too!

Thanks for those Hess National Gallery concerts - I’ve never seen any film of them before, though the photos and story are very familiar. She organised concerts Monday to Friday without fail, every single week, for six and a half years from October '39. Possibly two concerts were moved from the National Gallery when it was damaged by air raids, all the others were held there, many continuing during bombings of London. She played in 150 of the nearly two thousand concerts. It was a formidable achievement and maintained entirely by her force of character.

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Plus the Michelangeli BachBuz Chaconne

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What a great dude…

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hahaha da pull out tech