Da difference between a Virtuozo n a Zupah-Virtuozo iz

  • Juz pure hard work n inzane practice hourz
  • Raw talent

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Obviouzly tiz BOTH but which do U think iz da key factah dat dividez a virtuozo technique from a zupah-virtuozo techique

talent for prax :sunglasses:


It’s the athletic aspect of music making, so, indubitably, some have an innate higher capacity to unleash than others.

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I just commented on a YouTube video that claims Music Theory is racist that I don’t give a shit. I just want to unleash my fury at da 88 and Liszt, Alkan, Scrib, Prok (all caucasoids) and others facilitate that desire to unleash ma fury.

Haffing a mazzive :dong:

Talent. 100%
Den again, you can haff sub-par reflexes and develop dem.

Talent. It’s like anything else. At the highest levels of performance, everyone works incredibly hard. What takes you that extra mile is innate. Not everyone is going to be a DOC if they work hard. Some people just are 1/10^6.

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a language iz a dialect wiz an army

a zupah-virtuozo iz a virtuozo wiz a documentary



diffrenz iz eitha dee Ben Shapiro WAP pillz o da long :dong: eXtention supplebments

Talent fo sho, not everyone can run like Usain Bolt even if they fuckin work out and sheeyat

in the end, muzic is really just sport for nerds

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Dat meanz zport iz

muzik fo jockz? :gav:

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