Da Different Fury...

hahahahahahahaha, this is funny, unleashing da fury wiv da feet!!
stage6.divx.com/Captain-Video/vi … -Goin/’-On
Da Dong should try this!! :smiley:
Notice da Gould chair!!

playing wiz da feet must be a bit wikid

at a DOC perf I saw he played a sheeyat wiz his elbow in tha Ives zon

im gonna see him play the ives too. Is it a necessity to use elbow, or did he just get bit annoyed and start taking it out on the piano???

in da concorde zon da doc actually uzed a random wooden zheeyat to play lyk 12 niggahkey at once

da doc pozz zaw da β€œrock haff big handz” cg mofo on da tube :doc: