DA DOC GETS DISSED?!?!?!!!?!?1




I’m afraid da SDC has to send da militia…

hahahaha, dis word is a bit wierd

dat’s rite 8)

hahahaha, ic

da squad

im appalled

im comme 8)

As da minister, i agree wif immediate action


it has been taken 8) -


“Christina Aguilera looked and sounded great.”

:unamused: :imp:

Somebody hack that site and hatemail the webmastah!

already did da latter 8)

“you guys can play with about 14 or 15 years in tt all dose peices of beethoven or Liszt? You shoud give some concerts. Because with so much talent we don`t need such old boring players like brendel or gray.”

-Some guy from da 8notes piano forum

respec fo da sig 8)

Christina Aguliera is completely bonable.

dat is evident

and i concur - wif dat 8)

Haha, I don’t spend enuff time on dis site. I missed the “bomb squad” topic. :frowning: <—That smiley has never been used before.

hahaha, dis is an example of da wikid joyous vibe dis forum exhudes

it is very GAY 8)

hahahahah whut a piece of zheeyat thiz fuckah iz :doc:

hahaha rob, i actually zent hatemail to diz mofo

i zaid i wud pizz on hiz grave :gav:

nice 8)

cgly I remembah diz mofo replied zayin he wuz zorry 8)

which zlightly confuzed da :comme: