Da Doc's New Release

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Tiz time…

(I muzt get uzed to diz zuperior talk…)

why iz da kapson2 so sl*w?!

DAIM really 8) :wood: REP :zhreddah:

it seems a bit closer to the tempo of kapustin himself. so technically hes doing it correctly.

How’z da Weissenerg sonata? Never heard of it.

listen to the samples. i actually really like it. its a shame that the only recording out as of now is pretty weak (i posted it sometime ago).

Yeah, it’s like Kapustin’s. Except Kapustin’s is good.

I agree. Great argument!

haha he recorded boum by trenet. rezpec

actually he recorded a few of his songs, wish he did douce france and la mer.

Impossible to play (according to Cypkat), and certainly not worth the effort (in my estimation).

it is a great piece, but yeah i agree. its much more trouble than its worth.

I wish he would release a Debussy disc already. The DVD just ain’t enough for this cat… and I’m a little excited about the news that he’s recording a Beethoven sonata disc later this year. I hope he finds his balls, unleashes hell, and tears dat ish UP!

My big beef with the jazzy stuff is that since it’s consciously composed and not improvised, it seems to sacrifice a lot of the swing and vitality that I associate with jazz. In any event, I’ll probably buy the disk just because I can’t help myself when there’s new Hamelin about.

personally I’d avoid a doc debussy disc like the plague. he just dun have the colour to play this well.

Or “irreconcilable aesthetic preferences.”

or the truth :doc:

its very much subject to opinion. i think very much that he has the coloristic abilities for debussy, but other people like yourself dont.

his beethoven disk is supposed to also have schubert d 960 on it. looking forward to that (i know many of you are gonna senselessly curse it).

don’t get me wrong I like da doc, I just don’t think that rep is is forte.

i will pozz considah purchazin tiz dizc :doc: