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When I posted a mvt of the d 960 in the guess the pianist thread you rewied it quite favourably

haha from diz zamplez I zay da :doc: iz da bez jazz penizt hu evah lived 8)

I heard Hamelin liuve playing the Weissenberg Sonata. The first 3 movemetns he played with sheets and the last, very difficult mvt. without. It’s a great piece.
I don’t understand, why some of you think, that MAH hasn’t the colour to play Debussy. Please tell me, who can do more with piano sound and colour nuances than he does.
It’s obviously wrong.

Moiseiwitsch, Horowitz, Rachmaninoff, Barere, Michelangeli, Hofmann, Gould, Godowsky, Friedman, Ginsburg, Gilels, Richter, Fiorentino, Berezovsky, Cziffra, Arrau, Bolet, Schnabel, Cortot, Rubinstein, Cherkassky, Cliburn, Kapell…just to name a few

your opinion doesnt mean shit without proof to back it up. even then, its extremely subjective. youre a pompous asshole that no one respects furthermore.

I can name a hell of a lot of pianists who can do more with piano sound and colour nuances than those can:

Lang Lang, Maxim, Avril Lavigne, Yanni, Elthon Jhon, Steven Turnbull, Vanessa Carlton, Amy Lee, Richard Clayderman, Liberace …just to name a few.

Oh, forgot to mention this guy:

hahahaha fuckkk

I agree with the pompous part, but how the hell do you prove a pianist has colour? You’ve already shown your ears to be a bit worthless when you said Hamelin’s tone was more lively than Kapustin’s. And to be honest, anyone who raves about Hamelin’s tone is… well tone DEAF.

I don’t care that you like Hamelin - but shit, like him for the things he’s good at and don’t pretend he’s something he’s not.

And to tha Jake: You could save yourself alot of typing by making a list of pianists with worse tone/colour than Hamelin. I can only think of two or three names I would put on there.

well… it’s hard to start a thread on hamelin without it turning into an angry exchange of opinions.
Personally I’ve got over the fact that some people don’t like Hamelin as much as other pianists. It doesn’t stop me liking what I hear when he plays!
(and i don’t hold it against someone either for someone not sharing my opinion!)

Read David Dubal’s piece on Hamelin in the ‘The Art of Piano’. He pretty much nails it.

like i said, this is all extremely subjective. some people think one way. some people think another way. and it affects the way people pass judgment. and i still think that kapustin’s tone is rather bland in some of his recordings. that isnt saying that hamelin is an all out master of it, which i have never said.

K, but Jake just listed all the greatest pianists and instead of agreeing you kept arguing… Perhaps somewhere in that mind of yours you really do believe that Hamelin is the master of the lovely tone?

actually, he’s right, and you should check your ears.

should have read page 2 first…

well, there is a certain part of me that likes to argue, and there is a certain part of me that respects hamelin’s tone to an extent. but i do not believe that he has the greatest tone by any means.

K, well respecting Hamelin’s tone is about the same as respecting Weissenberg’s control of dynamics :slight_smile:

well, not really. dynamics is much easier to define than tone. and it is more objective. but fair enough.

Hamelin’s strength lies within the evenness and effortless

but if u listen closely, the color/touching that he uses in Kapustin sounds exactly the same as the one he does in Schumann

that should say something about his lack of color.

Hamelin’s 4th mvt of the Kapustin sonata is a 100 times better than Kapustin’s own recording.

Now I am arguing on the same level as most people in this topic… :unamused:

I pretty much agree (and I am one of the biggest Hamelin fan here), but I love his kap more than tha KAP hizzelf.

good points on hiz strengths, jeff, u cud alzo add RAPE to that list :doc: