da DONG dizz

chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mp … al/3180053

:dong: :dong:

da :shrimp: iz supported

:shrimp: :shrimp:

da final cocnluzion: :dong: :dong: :dong:

TRU 8)

HAHaha, maybe da shrimp’s not having the career dong’s having because he doesn’t spread his legs (or in this case, his fingers) to random orchestras.

i reli appreciate LL’s straight-forwardness. This article is putting words to his mouth, to adapt it into the way the writer wants to make his article intersting. If I, as a “full time correspondent”, remembred it right, he didn’t say “he does not have a big career AS I DO.” He just said something like “I’m happy for him, but he doesn’t have a big career in the west. There’re a lot of good pianists, but it’s hard to be famous. I hope he has a big career.”
Just think about it, he’s just speaking the truth though it doesn’t sound as humble. Everyone who’s thought about professionally going into music knows about that! He doesnt know Li much. What else do you expect him to say anyway (except lies)???

When asking Li about LL, he said “we are friends.”
hey! they’ve only ran into each other once or twice! That sounds a lot nicer but it’s just fake! I appreciate more when Li said “I don’t wanna go like an express train” or “his first album was good (which implies…)”–now that’s some personality there

-Li’s career IS getting big in da west these days. check out his recent concert schedule:
deutschegrammophon.com/artis … T_ID=LIYUN

REZPEC our full time correzpondent fo proclaiming da innocence of da DONGAH 8)

Da correz needz to be introduced to da titbit 8)

wat tidbit?