da DONGAH balk at hiz own chance fo an Atlantic crozzin


ahahaha da zepp vil attempt to recuntztrut da Dongah memo az followz:

:dong: -tru i juz read thru it. dat mvmt1 coda iz a bit sheeeyat. plz rewrite it zo tiz mo

lyk two handz fightin! :dong:


What a loser; I had to learn a concerto for a friend of mine at Curtis (his graduation piece) in 6 days. Suck it up, LL.

ahahaha fuckkkkkkkk da WOOD a bit harzh!!

rezpec yo gensui but, da decizion makin procezz zhorly a bit different between u n da DONGAH i wud imagine

fo da DONGAH tiz a queztion of

m*zical content

fo da WOOD, a queztion of

rent 8)

Actually I wasn’t paid.

ahahaha fuckkkkkk da WOOD

out of rezpec i vil azzume u wuz zufficiently compenzated othahwize by yo cloze proximity wiz da jeff pozt 8)

howevah, u muz alzo realize


juz cant expect to be zimilahly motivated :lib:

tru; perhapz if he wuz paid in cheeseburgers…

haha…da iron man.


And I hereby boycott Mont Blanc.

Y.Wang: I pwn you suckahhh!

what a fucking tool, but his attitude is not surprising since it’s not standard rep

i would like to see the score

so would i. higdon is a pretty respectable composer from what ive heard, and i would love to see it just to see what he supposedly cannot handle.

I’m very unfamiliar with Higdon, actually to the point where I had never heard of her. Is she an American composer?


google is your friend. but yes, higdon is american.

HAHAHAHAHA da final commentz

“tru tiz wikid to write fo ppl who crave yo SHEEYAT”

da DONGAH rejection leave a mark harzhly :dong:

but den derez alwayz hungry mofoz lyk da YUGA, DOC n da BRONTO etc lynin up to eat yo sheeyat, zo tru dun worry cheer up n rezpec 8)

hahah da alone suportah

ur obzezzion wif da dongah iz unhealthy

zeek help

little known fact that is similar to this situation:

barber actually wrote his piano concerto with the idea that cliburn would play it. cliburn said no because at the time he only wanted to play standard rep. so, barber called browning instead and browning made his career playing it almost 1,000 times.

i see the same thing happening with suck suck (LL) and this piece, so good for yuja. she’ll probably play it alot with every major orchestra

hmm daim… i have to look for composers with horrendous difficult piano concertos.

who premiered da Ligeti concerto btw?

even if da Dongah retirez from da western zcene, he can ztill make a fortune by playin lyk a retarded in Asia.