da DONGAH honah da chop tru intentionz

‘if twuz up to moi, dere wud be no ztring left unraped’ -:chop:

interpd 8)

tru ztartz around 3minz

:stop: 5’29 :gold: 8)

I think his thought process around 3:00 when they start clapping is - Yes, yes, yes I know, I impressed myself too. “If that turned you on, listen to this” (launches into the Chopin before anybody could escape (which is what he kept doing in Birmingham when I saw him)). About 40% of the people were in the isles with their coats when he delivered 2nd encore, people had pretty much quit clapping when he came back and did his 3rd, then he did another when most people left. I was curious to see how many more he would do, but he didnt.

he’s a fucktard of the highest caliber

Good, but not quite DOC level. :whale: