• da :dong: jr vil be a prodigy even betta den hiz poppa! :baby:
  • da :dong: jr vil be a failure n zuicide :zenzei:

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Will be a :cn: hedge fund manager and 100x da Dongah net worth

Before seeking political asylum in :canada: n promptly buying up a ton of properties dere.

A Jyard “Dongah Junior Piano Super Star Commie Pride” scholarship will be named after him, due to his generous donation of 100 mil, half of which will end up “missing” without triggering an audit

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I’m hoping Dongah Jr. inherit his mom’s piano skillz and his dadz marketing savvy. Then big career fo sho.

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lyk moz “zon of” he will work in a related field dat duz not requirez work or talent

zo conductah :sunglasses:


:zif: harzhly