da DONGAH preachez to da KIDZ

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IML: What other kinds of music do you like?

Lang Lang: I also like rock and pop. Eminem is one of my favorites. And I like Norah Jones – she has a beautiful voice. In China, I did a crossover recording with Chinese pop singer Hacken Lee in 2003. That song became the top song of the year!

hahahahahaha DA DONGAHAHAH

IML: Who was your role model growing up?

Lang Lang: Musically, it was Vladimir Horowitz, who was the greatest pianist of the last century, and also another pianist, Arthur Rubinstein. My personal role model was Michael Jordan. And then when I came to America, it was Tiger Woods, too. Both Jordan and Woods have such great discipline and they’re not only athletes, they’re artists. It’s amazing to watch them play because they’re both so natural, dedicated, and talented.

hahaha da SPORTZSTAR inzpiration

Lang Lang: Thank you! I have a website, www.langlang.com, where you can listen to my music and write to me. Many kids write and ask advice about playing piano. I love to talk to them when I have time!