da DONGAH -ready fo a MOTEL zhowdown!!


:dong: :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

i iz zhor da MART already haff diz date tattood onto hiz left nut:

March 31, 2007
Lang Lang
programme to be decided
Théâtre du Châtelet (Théâtre Musical), Paris, France


[color=cyan]“The audience gave him a standing ovation. Then came the encores. First was Chopin’s Tristesse Étude”.

damn…da dong started to unleash da chopet?

he pozz unleashes da 10-6 next and then 25-7 in da future. 8)


the clapping with the hr2?

the concert sounds like a fucking circus

lang lang has performed on TV the 12 Op10 chopin etudes at 11 years of age

UL! :dong:

He perfed all of them at age 13 at Carnigga right?


i don’t know the exact venue, but i do know he performed the whole op.10 in China when he was 11 or so and it was broadcasted in China. i don’t have the audio/video file though.

I saw him play da HR 6 in concert, and yes it was mad furious…

not satisfying tho…

and he followed wiz da same fuking encore…a change of repertoire iz in ordah perhaps?

tru, it happened the time i saw him as as well…and either the audience were a bunch of morons who couldnt clap in time…or da dongah cant play in time…either way it was fucked

da dong performed at Beijing when he was 13. it was in da concert hall. i dont think it was on air but im sure some mofo capped it.

ahahhaa this review…

but y zo much creidt fo tha :dong: ??

LL is a good technician, not sure if he’s a good musician.


In 1995 at 13 years of age, he played the complete Chopin 24 Etudes at Beijing Concert Hall



da 24 chopet perf IZ indeed capped

i kno zum1 haz it, but i haf yet to get contact wif her.