Da fastest blonde 88vamp?

Not suah whetha dis shuld be replazed to da “wuld you hit it” forum…

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n wat a byuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutyfyl tone!

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What the fuck.

I see…
well. No comment.

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Maybe da Brew’s type?

She’s cute, although I’m more a fan of the brunette Italian girls. I’d also prefer a more naturally looking blonde colour, like VBM has. As for her playing… she doesn’t have the girth for Wilde Jagd, even if she pozz has da spirit.

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randomly a wikid chick penizt wiz ZPIRIT!!!

howevah, da zepp wud lyk to intahview da TRUMOFO about diz chickz JAGOFF perf:

'wut went thru yo head when u clicked play n zaw

da 3’21 vid tym?

n alzo yo reaction when zhe ztarted playin? :sunglasses: "


Exactly how Albeniz imagined it played I’m sure. Pozz who he would want playing it though :pimp:

da zong actually

a random ripoff of da KANCERTO mvmt1 endin

ghey :sunglasses:


Ok, ma blow by blow reaction:

“Haha diz camera man, n hello style, is diz a PORNO?”

“Haha ok rezpek da from-da-key tone production”

“Ok, at diz tempo, def not da complete song”

“HAHA IC, stop right before da climax, diz chick must be wikid in bed.
Too bad that due to ma yellow fevah, I’d ratha do da skep den her”


da COMMET :sunglasses:


hahah fuckkk
zheeyat carrer management
zhe cud be mo famouz den da LOLA :sunglasses:

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fuckk rezpecable 1:10 CHOP2 final


1’52 wizout da firzt 10 barz

bazically a ZIFF BBC 10/1 level perf!!! :sunglasses:

HAHAHAH n da followin coldfart alzo a bit WIKID

Impressive playing - but she does not have a Spanish soul. To play Spanish music, you must have Spanish blood!

Just joking. Got that comment from an Albeniz video with a Russian pianist playing the piece (forgot who it was).

Saying this as a (His)panic person!!!