Da feztin Edinburgh rectal

Juzt arranged one for August, basically as part of da big summah feztival dey haff.

Programme a bit undefined at da moment, but likely to include da JAELLBAIT normafant, my ZONNAMBULA fantasy, a compo of mine which izn’t currently written out, and I’d like to begin one half with an impro. Being strictly my choice of sheeyatz, a few othah tranniez very likely.

Da PIMP TURKA likely also, depending on how I get on with it. Toying with da :kan: FUNMARCH and pozz sum ezquizzez. Got a long liszt of pozz sheeyatz written down fo conzidahration. I’ll be playing for 50 to 55 minz.


Def do a few PIMP trannies!



u zhud juz advertize diz rectal wiz yo tru title:

KING of da hilandz :crown: :musical_keyboard: :sunglasses:


Current thinking on my part is for an ALL TRANNIEZ RECTAL.

Da zhortlizt to pick from

:pimp: DEATHFUCK, TURKA, Ernani, Evening Star
Thal: Mozez Prayer, puritanz quartet
Jaellbait: Normafant
Moi: Sonnambula, Rienzifant which I am currently writing, currently unnotated improparasheeyat from Zaintzaenz Zamzon, my Bellini tranny from TOP2 if I need sum extra moizt (max of 3 from dis selection)
Brassin: Magic fire

Pick 8 from da above fo a 50+ min playing time (I have been allocated 30 mins setup time, an hour slot for playing, then half an hour to clear up, sell sum cdz and gtfo).

Tetrizfant fo encore.


Daiiim ok but add sum gensui to da wtf snooze opening!