Da first Official Offer for a MaztahClazz from da SHAGA


Herez da deal, post a vid of you playing any of da following atleast 5 mins of it, and ill try (vaguely) to help you out (if I can )

Diz service is free* so give me patience as I also have a piano competition to prepare for, and lots of school sheeyat.

Also preferrably if you could tell me your specific problem 8)

da List:

Rachmaninoff piano concertos 1-4 and Rhapsody
Prokofiev piano concerto no.2
Brahms piano concerto no.2 (mvts 1+2)
Chopin piano concerto no.1
Schumann Piano concerto in a minor
Grieg Piano concerto in a minor
Saint-Saens Africa Fantasy for piano and Orchestra
Tchaikovsky piano concerto no.1 (mvt 3 )


any standard sheeyat.

*fo now. 8)

N.b: Just because I can help you with the mentioned pieces doesn’t mean ive played All of them to a professional standard, but quite a few of them i have “performed.”


daim i vil sign up fo thiz maztahclazz, yet i dun hav a video sheeyat. i can only pozt audio segmentz/ :lib:

up to da ROB, the reason I say video is to see if I could arrange easier fingerings etc., but audio is pretty cool too, Im guessing your doing da Prokofiev op.16? 8)

can i send u a vid of twinkle twinkle little star variations ??? the fingering is killin me and im practicing like about 27 hours a day for this and i still cant play them , da Dongah told me the other night that he is having problems with dat too recently and dat da shrimp is having fun of da dongah as he mastered the first 3 pages and memorized them while da Zpidah told me hez not man enough to start with dat piece !
can u help ??? im desprated !!!

da shaga cud gathah studentz of same level n make a clazz fo da comme n da zupah in da zame time

da comme vid
dasdc.net/download.php?id=169 8)

i can join with comme n superstar

shamefully, i iz possibly learning twinkle twinkle fuck to conservatory audition

since mozart and :brotha: are two composers which i hate ,and i haff to play either slow n fast movement of sonata OR variation set from same era, so tiz easier dan sonata movements, maybe even too esay :frowning:


ahaha tha prick2 rec in tha mebahzrec section haz a mizleading title az to who tha performah actually iz 8)

i wuz thinkin of tha 1zt 2 mvt.z of tha rockyson numbah 1. n pozzibly sum tipz fo tha pimp te 10.


Da Shaga waitz wif da Open armz fo deze to be legendary recz.


Arsha ! im having a contract with Deutsche Grammophon and ill be recording next 3 weeks and ill be recording da whole prick pc set … so … maybe u can buy this sheeyat over and help me with mah bad bad bad interpret. ???

j/k ofcourse …

btw , i juzz found out dat Blechacz might will record wit da DG studios in Japan as he iz a making a fuckin great tour out there and now he iz fuckin 1000000000000 times richer than moi …

hahaha wutamofo tell him da SHAGA sendz hiz utmozt regardz. (make a blechacz emoticon please) :dong:

here ya go!

and btw , i haff hiz first and only cd till now from a polish studio in the bydgoszcz philharmony , do u want me to rip dat sheeyat? i just dont know how to do dat so i dont make stupid mp3s out of it … on his cd we have : Schumann Sonata g-moll , Debussy Suite Bergamasque , Liszt 3 concert etudes , Szymanowski variations and Chopin Polonaise heroique
and btw , he recorded this cd just before the chopin competition !! and it was like he went there , played once , they recorded once with not cuts etc , and the cd is out in a great quality !!
and another btw , u think i can have any connection with him now ??? he is more dan argerich now in Poland !

respec, hiz chop comp wuz juzt abzolutely :chop:


ight her iz tha 1zt 2 mvtz of tha rockson numbah 1


randomly u haff to turn yo speakahz up a bit. alzo tha 1zt mvt iz a bit mo sheeyat than uzual az i buckdled undah tha prezzur n aftah i mezzd up tha openin run sheeyatz i kind of juz went AFAP fo tha rezt n had sum major fuck upz in tha wikid partz :cry:

tha 2nd mvt iz ztill realtively new n i m uzin tha muzic fo it. i vil re record thiz sheeyat again aftah tha maztaclazz :rock:

specific sheeyatz givin mahbadzelf a hard tym in tha 1zt mvt, iz thiz particular RH sheeyat:

alzo tha trillz at tha nd of tha 2nd mvt iz inzanely awkard too.

rezpec n be az harzh az necezzary :rudy:

thankyou very much for recording it for me. but you can you use Yousendit, as da DUBAI proxy doesn’t allow rapidshare it sais im already downloading a file with my ip.


then dont use a proxy to dload it on da furyyyyyshare :doc:

hahhahaha daim tha usend:

s48.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2SXJ … 605K4P8L5J


OK I have listened to it.

My comments:

This playing is to an extremely professional/mastery level of work, so I would take off my hat to that. As you know im going to a piano competition on saturday, and I really want to dedicate time to this recording, and I wouldn’t want to rush anything. So wait till I get back for an analysis and “maztah” clazz. Meanwhile I will also study the score more, alongside your recording. So on my behalf- well done (so far)


randomly make a vid of u playing da parts da nigga-jap iz finding difficult. dat way we can witness da CG of ur limestone burnt sienna skin color (tiz randomly da color of persian mofos) n da randomness of yo piano witchcraft during maddeningly difficult passages. 8)

randomly wut iz da ancient Persian recipe for FFF@prestissimo?