Da Genie new disc too

sonybmg.ch/artists2.php?iA=1 … 2876653902

randomly no love fo da GENIE?


hahahaha, diz cd juz lackz any CG wutzoevah

da GENIE haz alot to learn from da :dong:

hahah fuck da DONGAH needz to record tha PETROOSHKA soon…fuck tha geniez sounds legendary from that sample. I vil seriouzly conzider purchazing thiz cd.

haha, purchaze…from da library, or mildly , steal

Yeah the Petrushka sounds really clean & even. Like Pollinis, only interesting. :smiley:

hahah fuck u said whut everyone wuz thinking :lib:

edit: except i mildly lyk da pol rec

This is my favorite studio Petrushka now. Clean and fast, if only da Genie were asian.