da GOAT cummah



Dude WHAT???

Pozz da greatest deluzhionz of unleazhability…

den u muz b def :dong:

haha I’m half amused half incredulous. He can’t be serious, just a troll I expect.

haha on closer inzpection diz iz juz some mofo trying to get peepz knickahz in a knot. lame.

CharlestonArtist (3 days ago)
There is a brilliance here which many of the snobs - insecure in their zeal to prop the status quo - are not wise enough to perceive. The mournful, progressive tempo at the start is in greater harmony with the spirit of the piece than the full-acceleration, standard interp. The dark room, the out-of-tune piano, the uncertain camera - mon dieu; could a more suiting context be imagined for this prelude? Do we really need another brightly-lit, glossy, player-piano imitation version? Five stars.

hahahhaha LEGENDARY BZ :gold:

that guy is almost retarded enough to write for gramophone. Watch out Bryce Morrison.

Glad you share my sentiments. Bryce is bullshit.