da Grammy nomz

haha predicktably tha DONG nominate fo :brotha: concz :dong: :dong:

haha n da DOC kancerto puzhd aside fo nominate tha Haydn zonz?? :doc: :doc: :comme:

othah den that FUCK tha first 90+ categoryz (excep fo GOZPEL of course) :stop:

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Weak, on both counts

Hahaha??? :dong:??

Da Doc better win this

tru. he didnt win for the busoni concerto and he needs to redeem himself this time.

WTF how can you record the fucking BUSONI concerto and not win?

yeah i was pretty pissed off that he didnt win. a nomination is pretty respectable, but a win is infinitely better.

who chooses for the classical selections?

pozz da:

ahahahaha i remembah back in da day da DOC chopgodz nomination

tho rezpec da jury fo not awardin da win in dat particulah caze :stop: 8)

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randomly didnt da leif beat wda :doc: buz comp wiz zum random haydn concz?

yeah he did. quite a shame.

how prestigious are these awards for classical music? awards and reviews are things i dont know much about and i dont know where to look for the right stuff. are these just popular style awards, or are they the real shit?

Honestly gruf, da little fagz at diz awardz n watchin vil jerk off fo kanye wezt o britney but if da :ho: showed up dey wouldnt know

randomly i think i remembah readin account of da HO make a speech at da Grammy’s n he awkwardly didn’t say sheeyat (i think it was da old man HO pozz druggd up o latah yrz) :dong:

:doc: queztion anzahd

I’ll take Leif’s Haydn over Hamelin’s Busoni any day.

I can think of 4 Busoni concerto recs that I like more than Hamelin’s


:frowning: da jeff luvz da Kanye…

It turns out there are 6
Ohlsson Live
Ohlsson CD
Mewton Wood

Hater :doc:

NE one rembah da Doc’s performance at the grammys way back? John Stewart introduces him and makes a total dick of himself…


Da grams are bullshit anyway… :dong: would win every year if they didn’t try to be fair.

hahaha da nuSDC genzui of Putin deze rando ancient topicz at da end of every thread

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