Da greatezt pianizt-conducktor in recorded hiztory (poll)

Gennady Cherkasov was a noted conductor in Russia. He graduated from Feinberg’s piano class and spent years post-grad w/ him too. Unfortunately I don’t think any piano rekz exist. He conducted Feinberg’s PC 3 w/ Vlad Bunin though.

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Neva heard of him…

His younger brother Alexei studied w/ Zak and made some recordings and placed second at the '65 Long-Thibaud. I gave his son some unseen photos a few years back. Russia’s piano depth is ridiculous.

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I hope you haff sum more prime Boshniakovich to share…diz mofo seriously neglected too…(wasn’t he openly gay in da Soviet era?)

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I don’t know about openly. There’s a story about Naum Shtarkman spending years in prison for being gay, but I haven’t looked into this story to confirm it yet (there’s a lot of hearsay out there).

Unfortunately I don’t have any Boshniakovich. Everything I had came from the same Denon sources we all have. I don’t have any of his programs either except for a rektal in memory of Sofronitsky in 1970. Perhaps he was kept off the circuit for being gay? I don’t know.

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Doez anyone noe how gud a penizt Mahler wuz?

Hiz conductin wuz apparently legendary

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Ahahahah da bezt penizt-cuntfucktah iz bazically

Da bezt penizt

who haff cuntfuckted :sunglasses:


Not enough recs of Rach so I will go with da :plate_with_cutlery:

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Mitropoulos and Szell.

Also, Richter… if you count his one rec as conductor.


And Gould then…?

Did he play much beside that Prok 3? In my 20s I thought it was brilliant, but last I heard it a few years back it sounded somewhat random & retarded.

Previn? Probably carried by a good LSO Tho…

Yes, there is but one short CD of Rachmaninoff conducting an orchestra that was instructed by Stokowski and Ormandy and knew Rach’s works inside out, more so than any orchestra in history. I don’t doubt Rach’s greatness as a conductor, but I would argue the evidence is primarily anecdotal.

Some evaluations of folks who left behind at least one album’s worth of recordings in both roles:

Rachmaninoff: great pianist, great conductor
Pletnev: great pianist, good conductor
Ashkenazy: very good pianist, very good conductor
Svetlanov: very good pianist, great conductor
Lenny: acceptable pianist, great conductor
Mitropoulos: acceptable pianist, great conductor
Szell: acceptable pianist, great conductor
Solti: acceptable pianist, great conductor
Levine: acceptable pianist, very good conductor
Barenboim: very good pianist, very good conductor
Previn: good pianist, good conductor
Walter: acceptable pianist, great conductor
Britten: acceptable pianist, acceptable conductor
MTT: good pianist, very good conductor
Kocsis: very good pianist, good conductor
Edwin Fischer: very good pianist, acceptable conductor
Cortot: great pianist, acceptable conductor
Mustonen: very good pianist, good conductor
Eschenbach: good pianist, very good conductor
Lipkin: good pianist, acceptable conductor
Foss: good pianist, good conductor
Furtwangler: mediocre pianist, great conductor
Perahia: very good pianist, acceptable conductor
Cliburn: very good pianist, mediocre conductor
Gould: very good pianist, mediocre conductor
Zhukov: very good pianist, acceptable conductor
Zimerman: great pianist, acceptable conductor
Schiff: very good pianist, acceptable conductor
Uchida: good pianist, good conductor
Zacharias: good pianist, acceptable conductor
Zecchi: very good pianist, good conductor


lotz of good names in above post,

spezificaly da dezervingly dizgraced LEVINE and da SVETLANOV so much better dan mozt mofos in original pozt, like da BAREN, pfeh

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Small wonder with publius I’m behind the piano part 100%, but I can’t say anything about the conductors.

Incidentally, I’m relying on a nearly 20 year old memory, but near the dawn of time I heard the presenter in a TV broadcast say Riccardo Muti had, when the orchestra wasn’t available, sat down at the piano and gone through an entire opera rehearsal with the singers, playing the orchestra part on piano.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

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Good list, but Schiff and Uchida also present themselves as conductors…

The Levine prove you only get to perv on kids of you are truly exceptional (plate, M Jackson) Tiz life lessons.

I forgot about them. I’ll update the list.

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Zecchi too.


That’s actually a very good one! He was a great pianist before he turned to conducktin, totally forgot about him…

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