Da Gryaznov MASSIVE balls

baruch.cuny.edu/calendar/Eve … eSupport=1


Ah, it’s at my alma mater.

What’s the holy shit in reference to? The program?

Of course dude.
Damn! All the Liszt TEz?

New to his rep, mostly. DANG

Never heard of dis mofo.

Yeah he’s fucking awesome.
I would attend for sure.

yeah I don’t know this dude either. Dude studied with Slesarev. Never heard of Vladimir Drozdoff either. TM you ever bootleg?

Now I know who you’re talking about here. He’s a talented composer/transcriber/paraphraser too:

Hell yeah, Mikhail get your ass over there and show us what he can do in recital.

I thought this guy was ’ well known’ on here, make sure to look him up, dude’s a legend

da OGs all know him, newer crowd apparently not.
He’s amazing, incredible mechanism.

Btw brew I’m going to Mehldau tonight, apparently you’re bootlegging him some other time?

Yeah in April but I’ve got a shit seat so the recording won’t be great.
Are you hearing his Bach?

Yeah, intermission now. Very much worth it so far, typical Mehldau and I feel he has been listening to some Messiaen