Have just heard a Chop 10#2 and Schoe Toccata by a Ms Hyein Jeon which were quite accomplished!

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This guy a bit less accomplished.

The stream isn’t on youtube from what I can see, but the one on their site looks really good. Reasonably high quality, no interruptions yet, and a clear view of who’s playing and where they are in the competition. It looks well produced, as expected from the Japanese.

da ztream lagz dere :zcholah:

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Hm? It’s played perfectly for me for 25 minutes now.

This guy actually wasn’t bad either. I think he did well with the Eroica, it’s just that the execution wasn’t as sharp as I’d like.

And da Monobrow played a pretty wicked Tchai-Feinberg Tchai 6 before. I wanna see da Anna G on Monday morning but I think I gotta work then and dis sheeyat isn’t streamed on da tube

otha cunteztantz cud learn from diz chick’z SDC-approved programmin fo all 3 rectal ztagez. one SDC CLAZZIC + one MAZZIVE FURY CLAZZIC fo each ztage:

:zepp: :approved:

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Generally, diz da most illogical comp fo US competitors.

Fly fo 14 hours (proof of flat earth right there) just to play 30 mins, while feeling jetlagged like a motha fuckah, whut piece is I in right now? Pozz I can take a nap during da BACH :sunglasses:

while da JAPS walk down da street, purchase used schoolgirl panties out of a vending machine and unleash wiz 100% confidence - knowing dey took 6 months worth of lessons wiz jury membahs n haff a decent shot. Unless dey fuck up


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You mean the plane would have tunneled through the earth otherwise to make a shorter trip?

image I’m not sure what I meant, but Trumofoisms are never 100% logical

Mostly dere fo da CG value.

Tho on a flat earth map, da straight line from USA, over europe into jap - makes sense.

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Post updated wiz flat earth map


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da GENSUI of da TRUMOFO iz dat

fo da next comp he vil be funded by both da SDC n da FLATEARTH zociety :sunglasses:

DIZ round3 prog fuckkkkkkkkk :zcholah:

If I was based in Europe, it would have been WAY more affordable to apply to comps.

In da 2 years I got left, perhaps - US comps only…

I need to play better.

ahahahah u can try n win a completely random zheeyat lyk da DOC did wiz da carniggah comp fo american m*zik tru wtf iz dat zheeyat :sunglasses:

uze yo HARLEM connexionz n apply fo a random



Guaranteed it wouldn’t have cost you whatever astronomical sum you’ve paid for your education too.

Randomly, I couldn’t get this stream to play earlier. I’m not that interested but how was the standard compared to the sheeyat Liszt comp we just witnessed?

Haha some of da zepp’s favs. I bet you can’t wait for this one. :zepp:

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It’s hard to say from just two contestants - none of them were fantastic, but they were both well above the Tamta Magradze level I expected from 80% of these 1st rounders.

The girl playing as I tuned in has a recital up on youtube -->

She had pretty good fingers, and did well in both the Schumann Toccata and Chopin Etude I thought. Try her Chopin Etude at the end there and you’ll get an idea.

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