Da HELENE is on da logo!

Da HELENE GRIMAUD (da GRIM ) iz on da logo! How pleezin to mah tired eyes :smiley:

Perhapz she should have her own emotikon? Jes a thought… :ho: :chop: :stop: :ziff:

“Yes, I agree”

dayum i second thiz requezt :comme: :ho: :ziff:

dat microphone iz ma cock… :whale:

she is a very pretty woman

datz right 8)


she will marry me and I will cook da fud and raze da kidz

twill be an honah :wink:

and yo scrot vill be ingested by da wolves.

hahaha, tiz worth it

:mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule:

Yeh! :comme: :mule: