[da jake] 2:42 am: sorabji is lousy
[da jake] 2:42 am: sorabji BORING
[da jake] 2:42 am: GRR
[da jake] 2:42 am: SORABJI IS ALL WE TALK ABOUT
[shoenberg3] 2:42 am: go get your rec jake
[Rob47] 2:42 am: but i think i know a different Israeli than u
[da jake] 2:42 am: SORABJI HAS A GOOFY NAME
[shoenberg3] 2:42 am: hurry hurry
[da jake] 2:42 am: where?
[da jake] 2:42 am: email?
[shoenberg3] 2:42 am: yea
[Rob47] 2:42 am: it seems to be a popular trance sheeyat for isaralies to use
[Hodi] 2:42 am: sorabji sucks!! thinks he makes long names with his opus clabmfighoithwiou32y4
32o huh? well he he write random notes and call himself a genius? ha??? he is a
[Hodi] 2:42 am: YES I’M ISRAELI
[da jake] 2:42 am: HAHAHA RESPECT!!!
[Rob47] 2:42 am: respec
[Rob47] 2:42 am: I’m jus Jap
[da jake] 2:42 am: im am a j00bzor as well
[Rob47] 2:42 am: hahahahahahahahahahha
[JCarey] 2:43 am: hodi, you are a true genius
[shoenberg3] 2:43 am: i am just randomly white
[lil_stevie] 2:43 am: wagner
[Rob47] 2:43 am: wanger
[Hodi] 2:43 am: pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … w.html#new look! the
pillows! they think they are better than us !!
[Rob47] 2:43 am: wuz a tyu mofo
[da jake] 2:43 am: haha teh WANG
[da jake] 2:43 am: another CG mastah
[shoenberg3] 2:43 am: haha d’lding?
[da jake] 2:43 am: who i had the honour of knowing personally
[da jake] 2:44 am: yhezz
[da jake] 2:44 am: respec piano genzui
[JCarey] 2:44 am: hodi
[Hodi] 2:44 am: wang tung shit! who cares about rappers! throwing their fingers and making
poses just to get a shaved pussy! a shaved pussy!
[JCarey] 2:44 am: i love pillows
[lil_stevie] 2:44 am: u LEGEND
[Hodi] 2:44 am: how can u live on this earth knowing that the pillows in the night are planning to
choke u and eat your dick?!?!
[da jake] 2:45 am: HAHAHAHA
[lil_stevie] 2:45 am: #$%^&* KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
[JCarey] 2:45 am: hodi, what are you on?
[lil_stevie] 2:45 am: HAHAHAHAHA
[Hodi] 2:45 am: how can u??
[lil_stevie] 2:45 am: HAHAHAHAHA JIM
[da jake] 2:45 am: JIM LOVES SORABJI
[JCarey] 2:45 am: yes, jim…
[Hodi] 2:45 am: i’m on a pillow!!! i told u they took over the whole world and u don’t believe me
because u r a friend of carl winslow!
[Rob47] 2:45 am: hshshsh
[da jake] 2:45 am:
[Rob47] 2:45 am: “fukers!!! son of a bitches!!! i so hate u mr. hedgehod! i hate u!!
i love u!! make me a child hedgehog!! suck my dick u nice creature !!”
[The Lounge]: mrchops10 has left at 2:46 am
[Rob47] 2:46 am: hahaha hodi
[Hodi] 2:46 am: how can u sit infront of your computer when hedgehogs are shitting in your
[Hodi] 2:46 am: go get them!
[da jake] 2:47 am: how ?
[Hodi] 2:47 am: with a pillow!
[da jake] 2:47 am: kk
[da jake] 2:47 am:
[JCarey] 2:48 am:
[Hodi] 2:48 am: john carey!
[da jake] 2:48 am: John Kerry?
[Hodi] 2:48 am: u r like the one who competed aganist george bush!
[JCarey] 2:48 am: yep, that’s me
[da jake] 2:48 am: Who was that guy? Jim Carrey?
[Hodi] 2:48 am: so u don’t do in politics so u came to music dealings? wtf is that?!?!
[JCarey] 2:49 am: well, i couldn’t handle the political life, if you know what i mean
[da jake] 2:49 am: HAHHA SHOENBERG
[da jake] 2:49 am: WTF IS THIS?!?!!
[da jake] 2:49 am: RZEWSKI IS CRAZY
[da jake] 2:50 am: does this come with a female pianist?
[da jake] 2:50 am:
[Hodi] 2:50 am: u all! pianists!!
[Etude_de_Concert] 2:50 am: What?
[da jake] 2:50 am: de profundis
[lil_stevie] 2:50 am: the famel piansit comes, to be sure
[da jake] 2:50 am: HAHAHAHAHA
[da jake] 2:50 am: FUKKK
[Etude_de_Concert] 2:50 am: de profundis
[lil_stevie] 2:50 am: helene grimaud is playing it next year
[Hodi] 2:50 am: u just play the piano to get femals around u!! then u go stright for their pussy with
your long fingers and BOOM they get orgasm!
[JCarey] 2:51 am: yep…
[Hodi] 2:51 am: but ur dick is too small for that u only got long fingers that’s so sad… and u know
why u got small dick?
[da jake] 2:51 am: or carl winslow?
[JCarey] 2:51 am: indeed
[lil_stevie] 2:51 am: JIM
[lil_stevie] 2:51 am: THIS IS LIKE
[Hodi] 2:51 am: who gives a #$%^&* for this carl winSLOW?? he is slow like a turtle! i love turtles
! kuchi kuchi muchi!
[lil_stevie] 2:51 am: HODI IS THE WHIMSICAL SCHERZO
[JCarey] 2:51 am: yes?
[lil_stevie] 2:52 am: AND YOU ARE THE STACCATO CADENCE
[lil_stevie] 2:52 am: COMECIAL EFFECT
[lil_stevie] 2:52 am: BREVITY
[lil_stevie] 2:52 am: IS THE SOUL
[JCarey] 2:52 am: ahem, i believe you mean “winSLW"
[lil_stevie] 2:52 am: OF WIT
[JCarey] 2:52 am: true
[Hodi] 2:52 am: i hate thierry13!!
[JCarey] 2:52 am: heh
[Hodi] 2:52 am: thinks he can play mazeppa faster than liszt huh?!?!
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: THIERRY
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: is a cunt.
[Rob47] 2:53 am: haha i actually believe thierry for sum reason
[Rob47] 2:53 am: pozzibly my down syndrome
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: because of his innocent boying charm?
[Hodi] 2:53 am: thinks he can do totentanz in 2 days huh? well… he is just a kid who farts on
pillows! that’s all!! taking pillows, farting on the, smelling, and send them back to hamelin
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: hahahaha
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: boying 747
[lil_stevie] 2:53 am: boyish
[The Lounge]: da jake has left at 2:54 am
[Hodi] 2:54 am: rob47!!!
[Rob47] 2:54 am: tru
[The Lounge]: shoenberg3 has left at 2:55 am
[Hodi] 2:55 am: u from japan huh?? u get new videogames before everyone does! that’s not
fair!!! it’s all because of NINTENDO!!! i hate them! i hate mario! jumps and runs like a fuker
stright to the castle where he will find 2 tits and 1 pussy!
[Rob47] 2:55 am: [JCarey] 7:52 pm: ahem, i believe you mean "winSL
[Rob47] 2:55 am: hahahaha
[Rob47] 2:55 am: hahaha im canadian randomly
[Rob47] 2:55 am: but i know whut u mean
[Hodi] 2:55 am: it’s not randomly! it’s on purpose!
[Hodi] 2:55 am: PILLOW!
[Hodi] 2:55 am: BYE!
[Hodi] 2:56 am:
[JCarey] 2:56 am: arrivederci
[lil_stevie] 2:56 am: cunt,
[Rob47] 2:56 am: piece
[Rob47] 2:57 am: haha i really dont understand Lau
[Rob47] 2:57 am: and then he gets offended because no one understands him.
[Rob47] 2:57 am: poor guy
[Rob47] 2:57 am: for example his topic “Where are you Locating?”
[Rob47] 2:57 am: starts off by saying 'accordings to his calculations no one here is from the US"
[Rob47] 2:58 am: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
According to my calculations, nobody here seems to be from USA. People from the other side of
the world in Asia and Europe just seem to be better at piano than peopl here. I am the best piano
player in my area. But if i
[The Lounge]: Hodi has left at 2:58 am
[lil_stevie] 2:58 am: hshahahahahahahahahhhahaahhahaahahahaahahahaahaaaa
[The Lounge]: Thracozaag has entered at 3:00 am
[JCarey] 3:01 am: hi koji
[The Lounge]: Thracozaag has left at 3:02 am
[Rob47] 3:08 am: Guest 08:41:07 PM Viewing bernhard’s profile.
[Rob47] 3:09 am: JCarey 08:43:28 PM Viewing the topic i hate pillows!!!.
[Rob47] 3:09 am: pita bread 08:40:24 PM Viewing the board Performance.
[The Lounge]: pita bread has left at 3:16 am
[The Lounge]: BearzintheHood has entered at 3:18 am
[BearzintheHood] 3:18 am: hello
[BearzintheHood] 3:18 am: gentlemen
[JCarey] 3:18 am: hello
[BearzintheHood] 3:19 am: people are chatty tonight eh
[The Lounge]: Rob47 has left at 3:24 am
[The Lounge]: Rob47 has entered at 3:24 am
[The Lounge]: applelover has entered at 3:25 am
[applelover] 3:25 am: hey guys i am new i am buying sheet music now
[applelover] 3:25 am: any suggestions? i have been playing for 1/2 year to 1 year
[The Lounge]: Rob47 has left at 3:26 am
[The Lounge]: shoenberg3 has entered at 3:27 am
[shoenberg3] 3:27 am: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[shoenberg3] 3:27 am: i just had a big arugmeet with my mom
[shoenberg3] 3:27 am: got so mad
[shoenberg3] 3:27 am: i unleashed few pieces on the piano
[shoenberg3] 3:27 am: and i feel much better now
[shoenberg3] 3:27 am: ahhhhhhh
[applelover] 3:27 am: what pieces??
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: mazeppa- two rach preludes - chopin etude 25-10 25-12 10-12
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: without rest
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: full sppeed
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: not much acuracy
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: but a lot of volume
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: hey what do you expect
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: i was mad as #$%^&*
[applelover] 3:28 am: haha
[applelover] 3:28 am: how old are you, like 16?
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: yea
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: i kinda feel sorry for the piano
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: but oh well
[shoenberg3] 3:28 am: it sounds out of tune already
[applelover] 3:29 am: how long have you been playing
[applelover] 3:29 am: those sound like tough pieces
[shoenberg3] 3:29 am: sorry i don’t feel like talking, i am still pretty mad
[shoenberg3] 3:29 am: just less mad
[applelover] 3:30 am: go play more piano
[shoenberg3] 3:30 am: my mom is back
[BearzintheHood] 3:30 am: apple lover
[BearzintheHood] 3:30 am: you know
[BearzintheHood] 3:30 am: what’s good
[BearzintheHood] 3:30 am: is washington apples
[applelover] 3:31 am: shut up tard, i hate apples
[BearzintheHood] 3:31 am: the hostility
[BearzintheHood] 3:31 am: plus the fact that a washington apple is a drink…
[applelover] 3:31 am: yeah, i have a thing against retards
[shoenberg3] 3:31 am: #$%^&*
[shoenberg3] 3:31 am: my nails are craked
[shoenberg3] 3:31 am: whatever
[The Lounge]: applelover has left at 3:32 am
[BearzintheHood] 3:32 am: that guy had a bad personality
[BearzintheHood] 3:32 am: I would say
[BearzintheHood] 3:33 am: what was the argument about shoenberg?
[shoenberg3] 3:33 am: hahahaha
[shoenberg3] 3:33 am: well
[shoenberg3] 3:33 am: she was just bitching about grades
[shoenberg3] 3:33 am: and how i don’t study enough
[BearzintheHood] 3:33 am: #$%^&* ng grades =/
[BearzintheHood] 3:33 am: I went through that all through high school
[BearzintheHood] 3:33 am: and college
[BearzintheHood] 3:33 am: even in grad school I get it =/
[shoenberg3] 3:34 am: man my mom is uber-asian
[shoenberg3] 3:34 am: asian to the max
[BearzintheHood] 3:34 am: haha
[BearzintheHood] 3:34 am: grades pretty much only matter in your junior year anyways
[shoenberg3] 3:34 am: holy #$%^&* my fingers hurt
[BearzintheHood] 3:34 am: once you’re a senior it’s chill time
[shoenberg3] 3:34 am: ahha i am in my junior year
[shoenberg3] 3:34 am: yea
[BearzintheHood] 3:36 am: man I gotta go study for my #$%^&* midterm
[shoenberg3] 3:36 am: hahaha
[BearzintheHood] 3:36 am: I’m soo getting wasted tomorrow
[BearzintheHood] 3:36 am: peace
[The Lounge]: BearzintheHood has left at 3:38 am
[The Lounge]: Thracozaag has entered at 3:47 am
[The Lounge]: DinosaurTales has entered at 3:55 am
[DinosaurTales] 3:56 am: Am I “interrupting” anything guys?
[The Lounge]: DinosaurTales has left at 3:59 am
[The Lounge]: DinosaurTales has entered at 3:59 am
[The Lounge]: JCarey has left at 3:59 am
[DinosaurTales] 3:59 am: I have a piano teacher related issue, if anybody is up to helping me out
with it…
[lil_stevie] 4:00 am: unlikely

i hate pillows!

what they think ha??
“oh i’m a pillow i’m so smart i’m cool”
think they are better than us ha??!
well i have 1 thing to say to u pillows: *** OFF YOU *** SON OF A BITCHES!
why do u cause evil in this world why?!?!

farting in public!


i don’t really like smurfs!
look at them!

little blue suckers!! think they hide from gargamel the great!
making food all day long and eating like FAT CAT


door met a disc and they made a camera.

i have ORANGES!!!

i just hate them
they are the source of all evil in this world
they cause us to pee infront of girls we don’t really like!! we don’t like them! they got pussy which is unshaved! unshaved u understand me?
well all i have to say about this is




and they tell me i eat eyes of little children and some people fart on my ass
my ass?
your ass
do u listen to music?
oh yes
u like the note ‘A’ ?

today i just got that flotz like to eat eyes of little children!

me: hi flotz
flotz: hi i like to eat eyes of little children
me: and why do u say that son of a pregnant dog
flotz: beacuse i like chocolate u moron





asambulebule rababulul shaoju32523!!@!%% shogu! shogu!!

read it for the animal of the tree

i have just shitted on my underwear
they stink like a flying book




slot a!

i just farted a fart in the smell of forest mushroom!!!



stabbing us with their fuking nails!
shitting on our garden like there is no tomarrow!
taking our freedom!
fukers!!! son of a bitches!!! i so hate u mr. hedgehod! i hate u!!
i love u!! make me a child hedgehog!! suck my dick u nice creature !!
i just saw u peed on my flowers, nevermind that, i still love you
but I HATE u!! go to hell!

grapes! i love grapes! i hate grapes! i taste them and than i go to my girlfriend and tell her to suck my balls before they get cold!

so u don’t like hedgehogs right?

today i heard music in my discman and suddenly it stopped working because the battery life has ended…
and it’s all because of this fuking cellphone!

look at this fuker!! stealing our freedom! sells hamburgers cheaper than mcdonalds does!
i hate him! i wish this cell phone would burn in hell with his children!
i love him! make me a child cell phone.

today i went to play baskbetball with my friend and i forgot 1 sock at home…

and it’s all because of this fuking cloud!!

look at this farting ***!
touching woman boobs and than having like 2343 orgams a day!
think he is better than us ha?

all i have to say about this?

i love turtles!

fuck da jake. bach n sorabjiiz da best composas evea

mah bad self haff heard to little sorabji to call him anything. wut I haff heard wuz good then.

and btw israel iz about az sheeyat az it can get.

-da Meph

man da fuckin HODI

da sdc needz to recruit diz mofo

pozzibly da LI WANG vil be making an SDC appearance 8)