Da Hough Meistah

Diz mofo iz currently Hyperion’s 2nd in command, aftah da Doctah himself. Some pieces on his “piano album” demonstrate what sounded like one of da most insane finga techs in history. Diz true fuckin’ mofo deserves every inch of yo RESPEC. 8)

btw: he iz born da same year as Dre 8)

hahaha, dere r fuckin 4 piano albums

da double disc original 2

da nu piano album

and da english piano album

dose r wikid discs dat r like da doctah’s ‘encore’ cds


and dis is a wikid review

i have quite alot of his cds man, he is consistently wikid

he is a slick mofo like dre, if dere is eveah fury - he doesnt romanticise it - he just pummels dat mofo out