Da hungzung in trouble?

cnn.com/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/0 … index.html


daim da zoonly annihilated tony

Hahah either way, whether by a preemptive strike by the US, North Korea will be attacked in the coming future. It’s inevitable if they keep on doing shit like this.

hahahaha da north korea mizzle ztrike range. da a bit zafe tony n da a bit dangerouz jeff :lib:


Da N.Korea iz fucked up

but da Chink iz pretty gud wif da N.Korea in da past (da S.Kor, Jap and US displayed contempt for da missle launch, but Chink didn’t do it yet)

So Tony iz a bit more dangerous, either in S.Kor or US (he iz in Cali)

da N-korea will never attack the US or china, they know they will be annihilated. Iran is more dangerous than N-Korea atm.

come on. usa is da only country who have ever done something like blowing a nuclear bomb. n.corea and iran wount do it.

-da Meph

nuke em all and let god sort em out :imp:

Tru :marge:



If Kim Jong Il blew everyone up, he’d get awful RONEREEEEE