da jorgie ziffra juniah

Most FURIOUS conductah eva. In fact, His fiery FURY caused him to spontaneously combust in his own house. Fo a pinnacle example of his genius, listen to da Rach2 mov3, where he tries to out-FURY his legendary breedah. 8)

btw - i found out da conductah on da tchaik 1 wasnt da song - it was some otha mofo

but to ziff, he felt just like a son 8)

well, he did bone alot of mommas 8)

so da chances r dere 8)

I have recently done some research on Cziff girth and his family’s girth, they all have a girth above 100m.


hahaha, even da females? 8)

hahaha i juss realized, waz da zepp inluenced by mah legendary ziff commentary?

hahahaha, i just realized dis


i would like to hear more about dis sheeyat of combustin in his own house. i assume you mean more dan just his ballz

well itz simple, he died in a houze fire.