da korea

randomly Ban Pending :

moi .

edited :

  • subwoofah
    whoelze ?

Hasn’t this been like this for a long time??

And how long does a ban “pend” anyway…

i iz ztanding on a tiny lil ztring.

abit rizky!


we be da gavz of da zoviet onion

haha. it muzt have been for my anti-wunder remarks. :god:

we shoud be grateful for having a “ban pending”. da Milfhuntah didn’t even get a chance. he randomly got banned permanently.


why did milfhuntah get banned fo?

fuck thats who’s missing

i feel bad now for not noticing

he had some random hilarious cg

i disagree with the exile

i think da milf got banned because of too many spams.

not fo threatening everyone on dis forum not to talk about practising slw because his mom has a condition that makes her slw? that guy was a jackass and he haff no computer skills

datz partically tru. da milf haz no computah GIRTH.


hahahahahh da ban pending on zum of deze mofoz (at leazt those by me) iz cuz they unlegendarily kicked me out of da elite club 8)

no one in the elite group here has really posted any sheeyat that restricted members to access. As I recall correctly, there are just 2 threads and you had an access to it back in the day. we usually post our sheeyat in another forum.

milfhuntah waz a bit sheeyat

he did have occasional bouts of CG though, right before he went mad and started with the ghey sheeyat.