da lazt mealz.. pozzibly interezting

thememoryhole.org/deaths/tex … -meals.htm

"1 bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers "

hahahaha fuckkkkkk :laughing:

hahahah dayum thatz zum guuud eatin Ma!

Russell James 579 09/19/1991 Apple

hahaha fuckk da vegetarian 8)

What wud happen if you requested some puzz to eat

they might give u a dick instead.


randumly i heard that in Chinca dey boil catz like lobzterz…literally throw em in da boil watah n tiz one loud MEOOWW n zheeyat :dong:


ahahah zhorly dey iz waxed firzt 8)

n da bezt meal:

55 Offender Information Santana Carlos 695 03/23/1993 Justice, Temperance, with Mercy