Da :dong: learning da complete :nigga: sonatas?


Diz might be a gensui interp like da Turkish Dongah

Haha if so da tru world championzhip finalz for facialz cummah, grand zhowdown

:dong: v :turkey::dong:



Da :dong: can do sum wikid acrobatic moves in addition to da facials :clown_face:

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I still remember one of his first interviews for Grammophone magazine. He was 19 back then and said that he has 35 (!) piano concertos in his repertoire.

Woh! Lang trying to talk to me almost!


Tru, da dongah randomly insanely talented

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hahahaha tha DONGAH wearin tha FENDI in zolidarity wit tha :it:

alzo tru a DONGAH BROTHA zon CD wud be amazin :dong:

:dong: “i zee buildingz n huge conztructionz when playin tha BROTHA zonz”
baren: “i rarely zee anyzheeyat”


Haha da DONGAH zet wud bazically be wuz da BAREN wud zound lyk if he actually had fingaz :dong: :sunglasses:

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I always wondered what the beethoven sonatas would sound like with a thin and careless tonality and relation to rhythm and pulse that has you thinking drugs or tumor?

…tho would buy and would enjoy


I heard he played all the Chopets for his Curtis audition

Back when he was 15

Da Lezbo haff over 100 in his rep, therefore he alzo inzanely talented.


Da lezboo is a mediocrite dat iz only partially redeemed by da fact dat he is an FTM tranny and a huge Liszt fan

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Would you rather:

  • Listen to Lezbo Liszt Series
  • Read moosical/history Liszt books written by him

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Garrick Ohlsson has over 100 and he can actually play them decently…so even more talented

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