Da legacy ov da HO :ho: - Randomly & legendarily makin da GRAMOPHONE covah


Da wording wuz a carefully chozen sheeyat even if it doesn’t look dat way.

I can be ruder about da wim if you want though :grinning:

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HAHAHA da ZANDRO RUZZO get a rec review, rezpec!

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There’s a 2 page article on Lewenthal by Jeremy Nicholas on p.96-97



da HAMCLEAVAGE article actually legendary and in depth, many choicez ov recz and dezcriptionz

da definitive top choice ov da article iz Arrau

Don’t they always choose Arrau though? :static:

It mentions that da Guvnah will appear in deir next issue, talking about his new Decca CD. Anyone know what he recorded?

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Tell u wut, I’ll write an article on tranniez and da TM can also write an article on tranniez. Da articlez won’t ovahlap :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably da fuckin Brendull or that over pedaled Pollini studio take that is swimming in reverb LUBE.

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Haha ASK FO A CUT of da profits n not sum flat fee payment!

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Da moment I lost all rezpek for Gramophone recumendasheeyatz wuz when I saw deir choice for da hung rappahz. I mean, Szidon is ok… but you have a totally fucking definitive and authendick interp with :zif: but dey say, nope choose dis mofo inztead…


Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed this, I wonder if I’ve browsed through a classical magazine since the old days of IPQ. I’ll read more in depth later in the week, but really interesting about Hough’s new Brahms disc (of which I was oblivious), and I appreciate the frank assessment of Wang/Capucon as well.

The Op.106 review seemed a bit shallow from what I picked up from it, but I did find the section about Perahia interesting, which I read in full and where he really got lyrical. I haven’t listened to Perahia’s Hammerklavier yet, but I’ve been exploring his career throughout December which has yielded a surprising amount of quality piano playing. The one aspect where I typically think he fails however is in delivering content. For all his supremely judicious musicianship it’s as if his ultimate goal is to make himself invisible, which leads to that his readings often feel void of any real takeaway. If that holds true for his 106 as well I’m not sure he’s my man - but here’s hoping. I haven’t found a recording of this sonata I’m happy with yet, and Perahia does have a great WoO 80 for instance.


I wonder how da long periodz ov being unable to play affected hiz career…a lot of away-from-da-keyboard work and ztudying

ahahahah da PERAHAH hilariouzly a zupah zolid :zcholah:-wiz-exprezzion kind of penizt

alzo da gensui


naturally weird face :sunglasses:

I really think there was a pretty big drop in smoothness and facility after each retirement, he never really regained his elite level of tech and unforced musicianship day he had up to the 1936 retirement

Those early recs are delightfully unmannered but sooooo beautiful.

By the 40’s a weird percussive touch crept in, we can hear it as early as the 1936 Brahms 1 right before his retirement.
By the 40’s, the tone got bigger, heavier and he started playing many tasteless (imho) transcriptions.

Da 60’s stuff has some of the early Ho ZEN level interns but da tech and actual execution sadly nowhere close to da early Ho

All dat being said, I love da :ho:
mastery is mastery

I wish he had way more 30’s stuff.

HAHAHAHA rezpec but ma pozt wuz actually about da Perahaha

Did da :ho: bone da piranha? :stuck_out_tongue: