Da Legendary Kentner Recs

What are dey? I haff heard da Lyapunov obviously and da pioneering Liszt CD. His late stuff is sheeyat so I’ve heard so any other early recs?

His Liszt etudes set is one of my favourites. Easily top 3.

His 2CD set of Liszt works on VOX is also amazing - one of the best Benedictions ever.

Is that the same as the APR disc? It has the benediction but it’s only single disc - is it a compilation?
Did he do anything else besides Liszt? (and Lyapunov)

Not sure, I’ve never seen the APR disc.

Most of the Kentner stuff I’ve seen available is Liszt and of course, the Lyapunov… but there is some random Bartok stuff too. Plus I have him accompanying Menuhin in the complete Beethoven and Bach Sonatas.

There’s also a wonderful Brahms 2nd he did in 1957 with Mitropolous.


Ah, yes. I still haven’t had a chance to give that a thorough listen.

Was that uploaded in the Brahms 2 thread?

This is the Apr Disc
cduniverse.com/productinfo.a … =494865604
hmm, he did some Mozart and Schubert as well.

da kentnah chop rev from da cop compet :stop: in 2.50 minz.


Ah, i meant to comment before on these in the thread where you uld them. i think they are pretty good, though a tad too slow for my liking. His Wild Jagd, harmonies du soir and chasse-neige were pretty amazing.

Yeah, the Kenter Etudes are stunning. Some of the harder ones are a bit lacking… but the slower ones - Paysage, Harmonies du Soir, Chasse Neige, Eroica etc… Second to none, almost. Imo.

Just wonderful playing of a completely different type from what I’m used to

yeah,his chopin etudes are really cool!