Da Machine Debussy JAV Island - real or fake?

There were a handful of pieces in his live performing repertoire that he played through the 50s but managed to elude being recorded before dropping them. This one, the Bach-Busoni Toccata & Fugue, and a couple others I forget. A similar recording of the Bach-Busoni is out there.

I wish he played the Debussy Etudes.

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The Bach-Busoni is from a TV special… On VID

This, however - are we sure it is authentic?

It could be just about anyone wiz wikid tech

Da :pimp: POLO 2 apparently exists as well


Ever heard his :pimp: Polonaise 2? Dat could be pretty cool if dat rec finally starts floating around!


If you request sound guy on youtube cut away noise might be easier to parse. This one already sounds processed tho. He’s responsive to comments section stuff.

Ahahaha da MACHINE pimp polo2 lykly an epic znoozefezt

Alzo I wud not want to hear a MACHINE rappah anyzheeyat. Mo zcar zonz wud be gud :sunglasses:

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And Ravel Jeux d’eau - daim I’d luv to hear that!

Most tantalizing there would be jew da ewww

Saw proof is islamey and chop con perfs early on too. His wife said he played petrushka. - that would be somethin!


There’s no way this is ABM, and I’ve never heard of a 223/2 either.

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How can you be so sure? From what I can hear behind the noise, it’s pretty great playing, individualistic, great command over dynamics and colour.

It could be his distant Japanese cousin, Hatturo Benehatto Hattolangeli.

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I thought you’d give me overwhelming evidenze! :wink:
I mean listen how he phrases the melody from around 1:47 and how he handles the rhythm at 3:54. If tiz really an authentic Italian bootleg from da 50s, it could be him.

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No come on. :stuck_out_tongue: With ABM you’re always in a rarefied artistic environment, there’s none of his refinement, precision, eloquence and that cold command of his there. Moreover the kind of amplitude dependent sound problems you have here doesn’t come from an analogue process but are easy to obtain by doctoring a CD-R, which I’ve heard before in forgeries.

Well each to his own but my vote anyway is firmly on Hatturo.


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This def Mickey but such a crapbrecord not much use for a detail style performer…

On the picture yes :yum:

The calculated rubato, the squishing of figures neatly into bar lines and the final bits alternating chords sounding very Mickey totentanzy made me think so. Also there is a commercial release of this where they said they pulled it from a concerto encore braoadcast if I remember correctly. (Which is rare :slight_smile:)


Will post tonight. Bought the digi download of the track.