da MEZZ regard no.10 = Russian FURY

WUD U 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

daim… da russian school interpretation… a bit CG and wikid at the same time

horrible and almost entirely unrecognizable in some spots

yeah this is a horrible performance. all of the lines are blurred and glossed over. i need to watch aimard’s now to wash out my ears.

Aimard is all you need for this piece,


aimard and osborne, actually. there are a few other good performances, too, like loriod (messiaen’s wife) and a few others.


ahahahah diz perf

tryin to channel da zpirit of da zepp

wiz uninzpirin rezultz 8)

hahaha da gensui rhymes

pozz influencia from da hungarian rappah

You’ve sparked my interest.

Aimard is actually currently my favorite pianist for contemporary repertoire.

i have loriod’s. can ul once i get back home.

then again, i prefer malcolm troup to loriod…