Da Michelangeli



-da Meph

His carnaval is awesome :open_mouth:

His random debussy and ravel is a bit legendary :doc:

-da Meph

haha tru, Reflets dans l’eau = :open_mouth:


anyone seen dat propaganda vid dats attached to da Dapussy recital dat Da Michelangeli playz? Where da old Italian dude ‘interviewz’ membahs of Da Michelangeli’z masthaclazz wit cheezy ?'z, lyk who’z da baddezt Italian m*sician n shit?

Respec to Da Michelangeli fo da slicked back Mafia-membah hair-do.

Da Wikipedia claimz:

If tru, huge respec fo bein such an all-round mofo.

gangzta style :stop: .

I’ll agree with the Gaspard and Debussy comment… heck that Carnival is impressive as well.

I don’t know what it is about his Gaspard, but it’s so good.

“A new Liszt is born” - Cortot.

This statement has positive impact on ABM’s fame. Thanks to the Cortot.


“Once, a policeman halted Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli in his car, and asked him what his job was. I play, he is reported to say. Where?, the policeman asked him. Here and there, he answered. A tramp, then. – Yes, say a tramp, was his conclusion.”

P.S. ABM owned a Ferrari.

da ABM’s mafioso style wuz pozzibly one of da tru precursors to da mofo ztyle of da SDC

Great Brahms Pag = Live in Arezzo

he is probably one fo the most, if not the most, consistent pianist(s) of the 20th century.

I don’t haff hiz gaspard, cud anyone pozt it?

i uled it not long ago.

This mofo send looks that would kill (literally) - as seen in da Lugano vid recital.

he is superb pianist, he plays Liszt’s Totentanz perfectly, and the scarlatti sonata vid it inbelivable too.

If you want a perfect rendition of da chop ballade 1, and i dont mean interpretation wise, i mean finger-wise, no mistakes anywhere, blurring of pedal, etc…listen to da mickey rec of diz…tis pure badass…

Michelangeili has a perfect mecahnism.