Da :wim: miniwaldo cummah - LIVE! SDC invazion tym

Buying views each time?

Somehow I doubt it… man, somebody just is stupid enough to subscribe

24k subscribers is pretty decent but nowhere near POON levels :sunglasses:

He just has to dress up like an ASIAN schoolgirl to earn my subscription :sunglasses:

Ahahahah I can undahztand da FEZTIN n TRUMOFO view pointz

Zumhow I dun c da WIM bein zum fake view buyin mofo but rathah

A legit populah mofo wiz a truly dedickated followin :lib:

Penizdickly da :wim: not half az talented az da :zcholah: but hilariouzly he haff a bettah ‘theory’ to juztify hiz playin :sunglasses:

Diz lyk in moviez, where da bezt villain iz not da one who kick da moz azz, but rathah da one who

Juztify hiz evil plan da bezt :sunglasses:

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Tru, da WIM pozz believe all da authentic sheeyat he is selling

And his fan base is like

Straight dudes tricked by cunning gay mofos to blow dem.
Or whatever da fuck I heard on da recent Joe Rogan Spotify podcasts.

Dude is way funnier on audio.

Just realized the Raoul Pungo light speed Scarlatti I was tinkering with from a mofo supposedly fresh out of snail times. Althooo. That op 15 no 2 noct he learned with a Chopin pupil… hmmm. Maybe old school bro’s just did as they wanted more like.


Nice piano tho hahaha

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Hahaha da :wim: shamelessly trying to spin da live stream events.

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“Trolls”, eh? I wondah who dey might haff been? :slight_smile:


People who can actually play da 88? :wink:


Just outstanding. Unbelievably good. Thanks for reminding me about Pugno, I always enjoyed his recs as well.

What bothers me though is that even :wim: would approve of this. :lib:


I relistened to selections of this. I honestly don’t have adequate words to describe how bad it is. The third movement scherzo turned into a Bach two part invention, ffs.


Haha, I had missed what this thread is actually about


I can’t believe anyone can take this seriously :joy:

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Nor can I, but clearly da :wim: n his znailabee fan club do.

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True that was altogether lovely and revelatory :yum:

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It’s like arguing with an avalanche of shit. You know it’s shit, but it just keeps coming.


“Snail slime beauty products are all the rage now.”

Aha, explains a lot.