DA MOFO hu created diz forum SAYZ

pianistsk8er wrote:
Comme, allow me to be frank and just for a simple moment:

Your arrogant insolence along with your entire general presence, not to mention your vehement and blatant disregard for conformism to the English language, despite the extremely feeble vocabulary you’ve grasped, is the largest and most disrepute shame ever brought upon the face of musical discussion. I’ll concede you’ve captured our humour at certain points, but it is now manifestly known that you’ve acted far too macrocosmically. You derogate in such a manner implying that you are indeed an adept musical virtuoso, yet you fail to present any attestations asserting these claims and assumptions.

You’ve worked long to deteriorate the results of much hard work contributed by music lovers in the hopes of a positive environment for musical discussion. If music is indeed your passion, perhaps you should consider learning about it. You see, classical music is a divine and elysian form of art which has been preserved and revered over hundreds of years. It has been exploited in many manners, yet the one in which you’ve attempted to do so barely pays it any deference in the least. In fact, it is rather offensive and derogatory to many of us.

Mozart, by many music lovers and educated connoisseurs, is respected far further than you. He once stated these words:

Mozart wrote:
“Passions, whether they be violent or not, must never be expressed in such a way as to disgust, and [music] must never offend the ear.”

The point? Ah yes, bugger off. I’ll share with you my advice, and I’m cautioning you for your own sake. Step away from your computer, take a deep breath and ask yourself an immensely important question: what are you accomplishing with your life? Certainly not much, for the sole task upon which you do sweat is severely failed. We hold little respect for you and often find ourselves (as I am now) with a need to disparage you in hopes of betterment for this forum. However, many of us have lost hope as it is somewhat of a very lost cause. If one would like to contradict my statement, I fear that the just reasoning behind this would implicate them assuming the same discourtesy.

I shall conclude by felicitating you on your achievement. I know you’ve worked hard on this after all, and after an arduous year and four days since your initial arrival at the “Chopin Files Archive”, we are all glad to see that your otiose time has been worthwhile to you.

Oh, in passing, I shan’t be bothered to consume any more time to your subject - I fear it is worthless and am amazed at the length this post has already acquired. In short, stating that Paul is five times the pianist you’ll ever be would be rude, for the product of a positive number (Paul) and a negative would imply a negative integer, and I wouldn’t want to say such a thing.

Best regards,
Nico M-P

If he’s so smart, why can’t he figure out who killed Tupac?

tiz tru

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Dis mofette clearly hasn’t heard da fury ov da SCIARRINO

dere are lots off deze mofoz out dere who think theyre goign to be another :rectum: or :dong: so everything they say is going to be quoted and put in a dvd about their life, hence they use such big wordz and shite, i tink da comme knowz hiz shite hez juzt a bit mo relaxed.

hahaha da playful comme 8)