Da Moog Pimp early Petrarchz version?

I’ve never heard this varzion before

Hahaha diz FILMING n genzui location!

Instant CLASSIC!

Wtf da weird hybrid version of 104?
Am I the only mofo who doesn’t think the world of dis penist?

I like his playing… insanely polished & convincing.

I don’t find anything special in it. Don’t know why but I can’t put my finger on anything more specific.

Did you listen to this?


haha you’re trying to convince me with a piece you hate?

Haha :blush:

Yeah, 1 godowskiez out of 5 8)

Daim at da TM 1 year old comment on dere.
Dey didn’t delete it?
Rezpek diz democracy! 8)

I think the later versions are way better.

Moog should play on a Moog.

Yes I think so, too. First I thought the pianist was randomly improvising because he lost it…

Haha good one! I wonder if he is related.
Moog Chopsticks are great fun…

For a minute or two