Da moz important mofo in yo perzonal 88 journey

TRU da FEZTIN ZIFF cuntvo in da COMME thread inzpireth diz topic

i haff alzo been thinkin about diz mazelf n haff yet to cummah to a cuntcluzion :lib:

randomly dizcuzz :sunglasses:

Three highly important sheeyatz fo moi





ahahahah da KENtNAH zlitely unpredicktable :sunglasses:

Kentnah = 1000 x da alternative :stuck_out_tongue:

Cziffra (c. 2004)

Horowitz (2005 or so)

Hofmann (my favorite from like 2006-2010)

Friedman (really got into him by 2012 or so)

Rachmaninoff (recent all-time fave)

Tatum (datz da only pianist dat I listen to regularly for the past 2 years actually. After a long prax session I certainly don’t want to listen to a classical fuckah)

I’m of the opinion that the Ho prime was until 1936, I’ve cooled on the recs after that, with a few exceptions.

Da TM basically came to da realization dat da greats were great because of their insanely powerful artistic convictions… you follow yo instincts to da very end n deliver yo best, and dat WILL be worthwhile.

Da most important quality fo moi is dat da playing sound NATURAL… you haff to present da music in da best possible light. No specific attribute or insanely polished passage or pussy grabbing pretty tone will ever make or break a great perf.

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Probably Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami Fastest Piano Playing Record 2016 - YouTube

Hahah da early Kentnah basically

Smooth gensui kinda in da category of da early Ho.

Van Cliburn was the gateway, which led to Richter and Horowitz (with a Glenn Gould diversion mixed in there).

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Horowitz probably if I had to chose just one. Even in the later recordings there are things he does that are breath taking and unforgettable. Of course, I’ll never be 1/100 the musician he was, but he’s definitely inspired my playing more than any other pianist I can think of.

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Yeah. Honeztly I didn’t evah care or touch da 88 or classical muzic AT ALL until I heard da :ho: random rec when I wuz almozt 21.

Da HO changed my life

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My first real realisation of what could be done at da 88 was da RUBY playing :chop: zurkas.

Later I had similar experiences with :gman: Bach and KEMPFF :nigga:


Gould for me. An instant obsession that has never gone away.


Ruby Gould Sokolov

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Every zupahhero need a zupahvillain

da :wim: clearly da Zepp choice :sunglasses:

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Ahahaha but da gensui of diz movie iz dat

we ztill dun noe who da hero n who da villain :sunglasses: