Da moz UZELEZZ JOB of all tym

Da :tm: sure az hell dun want kids

I jus NOE my chick will juz be like “hey you take care of them, I got a nap scheduled.

What do you mean you can’t breastfeed them?!”

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Haha da human inztinct iz to haf kidz

diz iz undeniable

EVERY MOFO wantz to go ballz deep inzide a hole


wantz to ztick around fo da cuntzequencez :sunglasses:



rezpec da non-BZ BECKHAM :soccer:

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Mildly disagree with da Zepp this time. For example hearing a concert of the The Hague Orchestra under conductor X or under the great Svetlanov was like listening to two different bandz, that could be almost objectively measured, such was the difference in performance level.
And btw, Svetlanov was really a very nice pianist too:

Ahahahah i dun doubt diz one bit

Tiz juz da zepp believe

Wizout ANY cuntfucktah

Da ORCH cud play even bettah den if da zvetlanov (or any otha legend) wuz dere :sunglasses:

Tiz common knowledge dat if mofoz in an orch dun lyk a cuntfucktah, dey vil play lyk zheeyat on purpoze az a form of zabotage/protezt :sunglasses:

N if dey DO lyk a cuntfucktah, dey vil be inzpired to play at

80 or even 90% deir normal prax-wizout-cuntfucktah level :sunglasses:

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Not sure if da rezultz without a cuntductor will be better.
You need a musical authority who stampz hiz view on da cumplete emsemble, both technically and interpretatively.
Theze are basically imponderables, but make a LOT of difference in da final rezult…
…for those who have da :ear:t2::ear:t2: to notice da differences. :wink:


ahahahaha truuuuu

but da global interp dat u zpeak of

can eazily be dizcuzzed n agreed upon in advance by mofoz in da orch

n we iz talkin about world clazz orchz, not a local band in which half da membahz haff MALTEMPO rhythm or worze :sunglasses:

imagine da followin 2 zcenarioz

  1. da BAREN cummah to cuntfuck da berlin philharm in da brotha 9 fo a fee of $50,000

  2. fire da BAREN, evenly zplit hiz fee among every membah of da orch n azk dem to cummah up wiz deir own interp :sunglasses:

which zcenario do u think vil inzpire a mo legendary perf? :lib:

Da Hague (Residentie) Philharmonic basically a top-band,
IF cuntducted by a legendary MOFO wizart like Svetlanov :mage:t2:
Da BAREN def not in da same league…

Not quite. :wink: Only if the cuntfuckah iz incumpetent or mediocre.
If you have a legendary demanding mofo with strong m*zical authority plus personality and lots of rehearsal time, there will be something magic in the concert, sumthing extra, but tis hard to define.

ahahaha fuckkkkkkkkkkk

diz now bazically a

:zepp: Democracy vz Dicktatahzhip :musical_keyboard::pear: debate :sunglasses:

Hahaha I wuz thinking da same.
Times now haff changed dramatically, orch membahz def don’t accept da dictatorial, authoritarian, sexist behavior of da male Maestroz anymore.
Dis bazically meanz:
DEATH of legendary largah-dan-lyfe personality cunductahz who delivered great recz thruout da 20th century;
NEW ERA of politically n “democratic” correct cunductahz, both :man_dancing:t2: and :woman_pilot:t2:
I leave it to da reader to decide which will give da best m*zical reslutz…


And letz NOT forget:
Da best piano playing conductor evah: pletnev1

Da best conducting pianist evah: pletnev1

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I agree da PEARMOFO dat mozt great cunductahz is pozzibly pedophilez


Da Zepp, due to his intense hatred of music, doesn’t understand the concept of interpretation, and is therefore unable to understand the purpose of a conductor.



Meph, have you lost even da tiniest smidgen of CG you had?


Lighten up!

hahah fuckkkkkkkk diz zhud be in da next SDC quiz :sunglasses:



actually da MEF haff pretty rezpecable CG

fo a married mofo wiz kidz :zhredah: :sunglasses: