da mozt exciting performance on rec

Which iz da mozt exciting rec you iz evah heard? for mah-bad-self, diz iz fo sho da U-MAT SS/PIMP/HO Big MAC dance. When he reachez da climax diz fucking off da rectum scale! I iz been listening to diz sheeyat on repeat fo like an hour :u-mat: :ho: :pimp:

da canadain rectum bal2 :rectum:

Live or studio?


tha 1950 live legendarily da firzt pozt of da canadain :doc:

wut da fuck is “U-Mat”??? wtf

lol I iz randomly listening to da Lib playing da chopet 25-3 in octaves, and it is randomly sheeyat…

Liszt must have done a much better job when playing this in octaves, tru…


Hamelin Ornstein 8th sonata 1st and 3rd mwt

Cziffra: basicly everything he plays :ziff:

-da Meph

hahaha i vil do one wiz live perfz only

around 1min: :god: 10/2, :rectum: 10/4
around 2min: :lib: :whale: LH 10/4
around 3min: :god: coldfart, MT ff, :ziff: GGC
around 4min: POLLENXP TE10
around 5min: :rectum: BAL2
around 6min: PAV ZEPP, :ziff: warmup
around 7min: :whale: BOMBAH
around 8min: UMAT big mac sheeeyayayat
around 9min: :doc: KANCERTO mvmt3
10min+: ZLIT DON :ho: :ho: :ho: :ho: :ho:
15min+: :tm: SDC fantazia
20minz+: :doc: KANCERTO mvmt1


Here are some of my favorites that come to mind:

Horowitz - live F-sharp Minor Polonaise, live Schumann Sonata 3, Liszt Sonata 32, Danse Macabre, Variations Serieuses, some Scriabin
Barere - Islamey, live Liszt Sonata @ Carnegie '47
Cziffra - Totentanz
Schnabel - Hammerklavier (I’m not kidding)
Gould - Beethoven 5 transcription, Prokofiev 7 mvt 3, Italian Concerto, D minor Concerto
Moiseiwitsch - Midsummer Night’s dream Scherzo
Hofmann - Ballade 1, 4, Rach Prelude 23/5,
Rachmaninov - Gnomenreigen, Beethoven C minor Variations
Richter - Wanderer Fantasy, Some Prokofiev, Liszt Concerto 1
Berman - Tchaikovsky Scherzo Transcription, Liszt TEs
Berezovsky - Islamey
Gilels - Prokofiev 3, Brahms 2
Lhevinne - Blue Danube, Chopet 25/6
Lewenthal - Festin Desope

ahahahaha sheeyat i forgot to include da TRU :whale: RECORD of da ultra advanced mini SD clazzic

da FARTAHz 10/2 8)


ahahah tiz da 25/2 u fuckah. n if u iz referin to ‘da pimp played it in octz at da correct zpeed’, den keep in mind,

at da :chop: original markin da correct zpeed fo diz wuz around 3npz 8)

AJAhahaahahaah shorly u mean tha zonata right? if u mean tha prick3 conert i demand a rec tru :cigar:

wtf, u know wut i meant…da 25-2…it was a typo, asshole…

just about any lhevine rec owns, especially da thirds chopet and da blue danube waltz…

Da Lugy Corelli Variations
and Saint Saenz Smphony transcr played by Petrov

-both fucking furious

Live or studio?

-da Meph

There is no live performance to the best of my knowledge.


I have two recorings of this piece made by Berman. One wich you posted(where did you het it?).


And one wich I posted. I got it from the brilliant classics set, and it sais that it was reocrded live in Russian on 6-6-1950(togeher with these chopin etudes: 10.2, 10.10, 25.4, 25.8, 25.10, 25.11).

There is no applaus, but the sound quality and the fact that the cover sais it is live would suggest that it is a live reording(please help me out here :blush: ).


-da Meph

I assume they’re the same recording–and certainly can believe he recorded them “live” as it were. In any event, it’s an astounding performance.


simply the Ho Rach 2nd Sonata

I just can’t believe that to this day.

I’ve listened to it probably 100 times in the last year and am still shocked.