da Mozt Moizt Chop 2nd mvt ever....

da Malcuzynski

tiz rec iz juzt mo dan a bit DAMN…

anyone haz more of hiz ztuff?
i pozz only haz da Chopin Balladez and Fantasy dizc dat Chriz gave me a while ago

went to da record ztorez in HK, dey dun even carry any of hiz ztuff… fuck

I have a bunch of his LP’s, but don’t know if they’ve been transferred to any digital formats–they obviously should be.

tru, mofo plays sum legendary chopin. Seems I have da ballades, some waltzes, polanaises, sonata 3, sonata 2. I dun remember who upped them all. Most likely chris. I can post them if no one else does first

I’m re-upping all that stuff at Jeff’s request.

I really don’t think it should be played like this

Vague and pointless BS much?

vague? maybe. pointless? no more than any other post in this thread. BS? according to who, you? I expect if I’d have said I really like how this is played, you wouldn’t have had a problem with it :unamused:

No, it’s not that. I don’t really care who likes what, but implying that it SHOULD be played in any particular fashion is a bit wtf.

Of course, this is probably just a case of poorly chosen words, so I’ll just let it go before this turns into PW

ya all I was getting at is that I like it played faster, not that it must be played a certain way or other such youtube criticism.