da mystical zepp

dis mofo is a legend in his own right - lets discuss da genius of his own recs and sheeyat.

say who?

haha, wtf?

hahaha, dis post remains an unsolved mystery of comedic genius

The zepp is an instant classic.

quote that so it will look like this on his latest sdc CD

“10/10- da new york nigga”

"too fast, 8)" - da daily sheeyat

“The zepp is an instant classic.” - Da Arsha himself

hahahaha, shaga - u post few and far between

but what u lack in quantity, u make up fo in fuckin QUALITY


In fact, it will be released on a floppy disc. 8)

Da criticz deserve an entirely unbiased rating of: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

ahahaha da floppy dick