da NA bowz b4 da TECH of da MT -wit obligatory side-dizz

"i know mei-ting very well. we were roommates when we participated in the miami competition.

he is truly a brilliant man. we got along like brothers. on piano, he was being the technician, and i was being the musician. his feux follet is fantastic though, but his understanding of music is limited. my guess is that when you hear him, you will be amazed, but you won’t reminisce."

DAYUM, da NA admitz defeat!?!?!? :stop:


Da Na basically sayz da MT will becum anothah volodick 8)

da jealousy iz apparent
when u haff to go dat low n to start uzing da mozt GHEYEZT argumentz (“m*sician”? hahaha!) dat meanz u iz very desperate 8)

hahahahaha FUCK

i guezz ve haff to prax scalez aftah all 8)