da NEW ZIFF BEE record?

DAIM!! How big are her hands? They look HUGE!

a bit

She looks like a hooker from Sin City. Vid is also in that cartoony style lol. Amazing playing nonetheless.

wow that was fast wow really wow


da Hostel??

untru…KILL da BILL

speaking of kill bill, unfortunately, bill actually is dead now. sad.

latimes.com/news/obituaries/ … 4033.story

FUCKKKKK da KIDDO really killz him…

I dig Cziffra, but I really hate this transcription.

same, but she got skillz :comme:


1’ 19


diz piece iz LEGENDARY n alzo becuz it haf momentz where u can rezt octz tiz mo ov a ZPAZZ piece which allow fo diz kind ov zuztained tempo

gensui interp alzo :stop:


I was thinking the EXACT same thing! “it seems I am the one that is penetrating you!”

fuckkkkk wut a legend :comme:


haha da biatch 6 zecz faztah but da ZIFF zhow mo colah n eaze

alzo da openin chromatic dezcent iz a legendary dizplay ov da ziff at MAX ZPAZZ

Randomly, what does everyone think of her Rockets?

Me likes, plus she’s gorgeous!

For me I think her playing of these Etudes absolutely misses the point.

I really love these Etudes and have listened to a lot of recordings of them. For me, they are the closest Rachmaninov ever got to sounding like Medtner, not that that is a good or bad thing, just the closest they ever got to each others musical language.

Overall, the only set which have come close to how I think they should sound, as a set, is Ashkenazy.
I have never heard the piano sound so brooding as in No.1, pining as in No.2, so desperate as in No.3. When I first listened to Ashkenazys No.6, after hearing many others, during the central section I almost felt terrified, it was almost like being in a haunted fair-ground, it was demonic! In No. 5, I absolutely LOVE the way he approaches that climax with a diminuendo, nobody does it quite the same. I have never heard the piano sound so much like bells as in No.7.
The only one where I have an alternate favourite to Ashkenazy is in No.8, where I prefer Volodos. He makes the piano really sing.