Da :pimp: Orcheztral workz

haf da @Dr.TM or da @da_zepp eva actually zat thro diz whole zheeyat? :sunglasses:

da ORCH ZEPP a bit wikid tru

Listen to les preludes. It’s great!

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da zepp may ztruggle zo da 88 tranz cummah :sunglasses:

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Tru, Les Preludes pozz da mozt popular of da orcheztral workz. Have to zay I prefer da 88 Masseppa to da orcheztral verzion. (even though they are bazically different zongz)
Da Battle of da Hunz a bit wikid too and Orpheuz is gorgeouz.

Fauzt zymphony zuppozedly conzidered hiz mazterwork but a bit of a tough nut to crack for me zo far.

I’ve tried with Liszt’s orchs, but I haven’t been able to get used to them. Partly since the bulk is from his Weimar years which I like least of his compositional periods, but also because of the writing. Whenever I listen to them I hear an orchestrated piano piece.

That said I should revisit. I haven’t really tried with them since I was in my early 20s - I know none well and the Dante not at all. If I was to I think I’d leave the Weimar stuff be however and take the door through his religious pieces instead.

Anyone familiar with those btw? Christus for instance? I remember Howard becomes lyrical over it, who I have full faith in with anything music except when it comes to playing it.

I have the score to Christus, haven’t followed it all the way through but I recall the March being noteworthy.From reviews I read, it’s apparently very much a work you need to be in the mood for.

What about something like Cradle to the Grave? His last orchestral work I think, has the late hallmarks.

I bought Masur’s set of the poems around the turn of the century but I liked none of them. The ones I especially remember however are that one and Les Preludes.

I don’t know his religious works well, but this orchestral piece has a haunting quality I think, with religious sentiments playing part of it:

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Ah yes. Very very true. I know it from the piano transcription.

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In this case, I prefer the orch version by far! It’s quite a moving work…I like the bells in the middle too.

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Maybe that’s my door then.

I sat thru da Dante n Faust symphonies

I far prefer da symphonic poems. Check da Orpheus tru