Da PAZE cauzin a social media mini furore

“Notoriously, the feminist musicologist Susan McClary likened a passage in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony to the frustrated, murderous rage of a rapist.”

Ic :sunglasses:

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clazz muzic literally da only positive zheeyat made by whyt malez in da entire world hiztory :sunglasses:


I made a scramble egg n toazt dis mornin I’m pretty proud of


Wut wuz gensui about dem eggs? And foto evidenz?

To be fair da bezt part wuz da egg white

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People forget the evils of the whites are just regular old human evils and everybody is susceptible.

Plus this idea of avoiding the product of corrupt stakeholders. It’s goofy, no moon, we can’t visit you with these nazi rockets - positively out of the question.

If something has utility to society on its own it is inherently good. Be it art or science.

Try not to dance to this!