Da Pimp ZEpp- New perzpective?

Well, a good while ago I heard the Mazeppa and was blown away.

Over time, I’ve become much more familiar with the work, and it isn’t having the same emotional effect.
What do u think? Was reading a book and it said that the ZEPP was interesting technically , but musically arid.

A. I liztened too much to it, and need a break, but it’z ztill fantastic music.

B. The piece iz nuthing mo dan zhowpiece.

C. Between A and B.

What do you think? :lib:

:pimp: A

I prefer the symphonic poem to da TE. But tha TE ztill legendary.

Mazeppa is my least favourite TE

my fav iz da Chaze nigga atm :rectum:

i’ve always liked wilde jagd.

Harmonies du soir

not every TE has to be about fury.

agreed harmonies du soir, chasse neige and wild rape are my favourites. the mazeppa is ok, but i listened to it too much, so i vote A.

Amazing piece.

Juz realized dat de chaze nigga iz in a key with 5 flats-henze you play on lotz of black keyz. —> Coincidence?

(PS I am not racist, pardon me if you’re offended… Haha the SDC iz hard to offend)

D. da Pav


hahah the combination of wilde jagd’s translation as “wild hunt” and the “wild rape” had me picturing Da pimp running around the barn raping a turkey.

zorry, i’ll get back to my porn now.

I don’t like the Mazeppa very much, partially because people play it very badly. There has to be minimum pauses between the double notes and the leaps. I think it is one of the most difficult works for piano ever written.

It’s a good etude, very impressive on the first couple of listens. Now I couldn’t care less about it, and I’m not very interested in ever learning it.

Weak music I guess.