• Liszt Sonata in B Minor S.178
  • Alkan Grande Sonata Op.33

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20 ans and 30 ans are brilliant. But 40 ans and 50 ans…

Maybe I’ll understand them when I’m 40 ans and 50 ans.


Unfair question since the Liszt sonata is one of the greatest piano compositions of all time

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I would be much more conflicted if it were Pimpzon v Kanzymph.


Da PIMPZON unarguably da PIMPz greatezt work

I think itz a greatah work den da KAN grandzon but I dare zay I enjoy da 20anz n 30anz mo den it

Da 40 anz n 50 anz actually very good in deir own right but anticlimactic

da Very end ov da 50 anz iz one ov da moz zpine tinglin zheeyatz in da 88 literature though, profoundly moving. Death rizing and rizing, lurching toward da final breath…2 fortizzimo chordal criez…den it endz on huzhed chordz.

Which wud I ratha hear in concert? KANZON , zo it getz ma vote

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^^^ all of this

I’ve been at this before but, while I wouldn’t disagree with that it’s his crowning achievement as a single piano work, it’s also one of his most problematic. You can tell he’s been struggling and it comes across as highly constructed - unlike most Liszt - which I think is why so many people get tired of it.

I think S178 is the greater work, but seeing it on a concert program is an excellent excuse to do something else that evening. For the Grande Sonate however I could imagine taking a chance even with a pianist completely unknown to me.

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It is almost as well if the Liszt Sonata is grudgingly given “masterwork status”

By the sane CUNTS that pretty much Diss any other Liszt masterpiece.

Hey krittyk cucks, Liszt does not need your approval. Go jerk off to another complete Beethoven Sonata cycle and :dong: GoldDigger vars


Hahaha u may noe diz TRUMOFO but randomly

why did da HO ztop playin any BRA pozt 1950?

Da pimpzon suffers from now practically being a rite of passage piece that every aspiring romantic era penizt “needs” to have tackled. I’m literally at the point where listening to it is now an effort, and for reasons that have nothing to do with its mu*ical merits.


Hahah tru datz why da GAV interp…az inzane az it iz

iz actually zo refrezhin :gav:


Not (NOT) Gav for me, but yeah same. I need someone who tries to do something weird with it.

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Hahah da PIMPZON iz a bit lyk porn

U get zo uzed to it dat u keep lookin fo mo extreme zheeyatz to get yo kickz

Now all ov a zudden u iz watchin Bangladezhi Midgetz fuckin

N datz precizely wut da GAV interp evokez :sunglasses:

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pimp son clearly better but I wouldn’t go attend a recital with this on the program unless its a top peniz and even then, probably gonna go check my phone for the latest jiffpom vids… Alkan op 33 would go to a student recital to hear just cuz.


Coked up Bangladeshi midgets, surely?? :gav:

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Ahahahd da PIMP bazically took da KANZON n made da ztrukchural improvement of

Cuntdenzin da 40 anz + 50 anz

Into a zingle 3min coda :sunglasses:


Ho played little BRA to begin with.

He was not a huge fan of da Brahms Concs 1 and 2, n only kept programming da Brahms 2 as Toscanini forced him into it. He also learned da Brahms 1 specifically for a Toscanini all-Brahms fest perf in 1935

He programmed da Brahms Son 3 in 1929 Carnegie. Pozz da Brahms meaty n unpenisdick writing put da Ho off.

Da Ho programmed da Brahms Paganini (his own selection, some perfs contained as few as 12 selected vars) from 1931, up until 1934 or so.

Curiously, he brought them back in 1939 too.

Da last known perf:

April 17, 1942: Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bach/Busoni: Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland, BWV 659 (Chorale Prelude)
Bach/Busoni: Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein, BWV 734a (Chorale Prelude)
Schubert: Sonata in A major, Op.120
Brahms: Paganini Variations, Op.35 (from Books I & II)

Prokofiev: Sonata No.6 in A major, Op.82
Chopin: Etude in C-sharp minor, Op.25 No.7
Chopin: Etude in F major, Op.10 No.8
Saint-Saëns/Liszt/Horowitz: Danse Macabre, Op.40

What a cock tease.

Den again, maybe it was not dat gud.


After a performance of Brahms’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in the 1930’s [1935 or 1936], Rachmaninoff heard the radio broadcast [although he didn’t like to listen to music on the radio because of the poor sound quality] and telephoned Horowitz afterwards asking how he could play such awful music". This sounds like a Horowitz creative writing composition :sunglasses:


Dis what I think too

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A top cock unleash da pimp son



Ahahahah tru da MYZTERY pimpzon

Makin da GAV zound lyk

Da JERMRAPE :sunglasses:


A pimpson full of salon effects dat is still streamlined as fuck

Works as an interp :sunglasses: